What We Wore // Mama + Mini Style

Happy July!
We have been in a serious heat wave here in potato-ville – I’m talking temps over 100* and its been rough on our daily outdoors-all-day routine. Spending more than 5 minutes outside will make you feel like your face is about to melt off, so now instead of hour long backyard pool hangs, we’re spending our days walking the mall and scouring local thrift shops for their free AC.
That also means we have to wear real people clothes and not just bathing suits, so I pulled out the big guns and the twinning came out in full force thanks to a few of my favorite Instagram shops.  
Way too appropriate for a nap-less Friday afternoon.
Mini: Sunglasses // Tee (use code ‘shynnz10’ to save 10% off your order!) // Shorts // Moccasins (use code SHYNNZ to save 10%!)
Mama: Sunglasses // Tee (use code ‘shynnz10’ to save 10% off your order!) // Shorts
Channeling our inner pirates on a Saturday afternoon.
Mama: Necklace // Tank // Shorts
Mini: Tee // Shorts // Moccasins
Because the pool is where this little fish is the happiest.
Mini: Tank top // Swim Shorts  
Sunday Funday with dad sporting matching tees with dad.
Mini: Tee // Shorts
Daddy: Teething Necklace // Tee  
Home is where the mama is, and mama’s out thrifting.
Mini: Tee // Shorts // Moccasins (use code ‘SHYNNZ’ to save 10%!)
Mama: Necklace // Tank // Jeans 

Do you have any favorite shops you’ve found through Instagram?



14 thoughts on “What We Wore // Mama + Mini Style

  1. Omg, these outfits are so cute! So is your little fam! Potatoville..haha. I don’t really shop via Instagram on shops but there really are so many awesome ones out there. Enjoy your July 4th holiday.


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