Bath Time with Nûby™

Guess who finally took a real, actual bath?!
June 26, 2015 – mark it down in history: “baby’s first bath”. It only took 17 months…

Since we brought him home from the hospital, H has only ever taken showers. We’ve tried countless times to get him to take a bath, but he flat out refuses with screams and cries and running out of the bathroom.

Want to take him swimming or put him in the kiddie pool in the back yard? He’s in heaven.
Put him in a bathtub and its the complete opposite. The kid is a walking contradiction!

In an effort to change this, we’re trying to slowly get him acquainted with the tub and trying to show him that bath time can be fun. Nûby sent me their Tear Free Rinse Pail to try out in exchange for my honest opinion and I’m thinking it may have been just the ticket to get H to not turn and run when we turn on the spout, yay!



In my opinion, Nuby’s Tear Free Rinse Pail is perfect for any age.  The pail has a soft edge that rests against H’s forehead so it’s not uncomfortable or rough on his sensitive skin, and the handle doesn’t get slippery even when it gets wet. I seriously wish I would have had this when H was a tiny little newborn to help wash his hair in the sink without spilling it all over the counters, but it is also great for more than just the bath now that he’s almost a year and a half. While I love that I can fill it easily (even in a shallow bath) and it helps keep shampoo and suds out of his eyes, H loves scooping and dumping the water all over himself in the pool – so really, it’s a win-win!

Want to pick one up for your little tot? 
The Tear Free Rinse Pail is available at Amazon, Babies R US, Buy Baby Direct, Ideal Baby, Kmart and Meijer

What are your little one’s favorite bath time accessories?
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7 thoughts on “Bath Time with Nûby™

  1. I stare these down when I walk down the bath aisle. It is something we will probably invest in especially with Madison getting older.We have a cute elephant spout cover that sprays out of the elephants trunk.


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