The busy mom’s cleaning guide

Here’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned about trying to juggle it all since becoming a stay at home mom: balance is important, but sometimes something’s gotta give.

After admitting defeat to my less than ‘surprise mother in law visit’ housekeeping abilities, I took to Pinterest and my awesome mommy friends to figure out what they were all doing that worked for them.
It turns out, trying to do everything everyday is a crapshoot and a surefire way to drive yourself insane – whodathunk?!
Rather, breaking everything up into monthly, weekly and daily tasks makes things much less stressful and way more manageable.

A few things that work for me:

– Make beds
– Four scheduled 10 minute quick sweeps to pick up + put away the mess my tiny hurricane toddler makes
– Run the dishwasher [every other day]
– Wipe down kitchen + bathroom countertops with Greenwald’s Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner
– Vacuum [every other day]

– Mondays: change the sheets + clean bedroom
– Tuesdays: laundry + clean kitchen
– Wednesdays: wash windows with Greenwald’s Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner
– Thursdays: clean bathrooms
– Fridays: cloth diaper laundry + clean living room

I leave weekends free for catch-up, crafting and family time, so I don’t get overwhelmed, and so far our routine is working awesomely for us!
Greenwald’s cleaners are super versatile and a way more ‘green’ option because of the fact that there is much less waste and packaging than others at the store. The bottle is reusable and you get 6 pods of concentrated cleaner with your first kit, so once you finish your initial order, you can then just buy packs of the concentrated pods and keep reusing the bottle you were sent or your own bottle you already have! For under $18, you can make around 192oz of cleaner – that’s just about $0.09 an ounce! I use ours in the kitchen, on all our sealed countertops, our stainless steel appliances, in the bathrooms and for our glass shower doors for a streak free shine.

Here are some of my favorite printable options with great advice and resources that I came across:
// Squirrelly Minds 061913-cleaning-schedule-title// Thirty Handmade Days weeklycleaningschedule30days// Making Home Base Cleaning-Checklist_edited-21-819x1024// Living Well Spending Less LWSL-Master-Cleaning-List-1024x791

Yes, there are people who can work a full time job, be an awesome parent, keep a perfectly tidy home and have dinner on the table every night, all while maintaining a svelte physique. I’m here to tell you: that’s not me, and that’s probably not a majority of the parental population.

So, it’s ok if your dishes pile up and you find muffin crumbs in your carpet from breakfast last week, because you were probably too busy living your life to clean up after it.

Do you have a cleaning routine that works for your family?

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links + I received one or more of the above mentioned products for free in exchange for my honest review.


7 thoughts on “The busy mom’s cleaning guide

  1. I need to establish a cleaning routine. I feel like our tiny apartment is always messy because we don’t have enough space. Another giant purge and a cleaning schedule might help. I love the idea of keeping it to Monday-Friday.


  2. My cleaning schedule now involves some professional help, but with time I’ve become totally okay with that! For a long while it was hard to accept that during this season I just can’t get it all done.


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