Early Morning Survival with Mixcups

Mornings around here are rough, plain and simple.

As much as I try, nothing in this world, short of H’s wake up cries, can rouse me from my warm and comfy bed, especially before 9am. Even then, I usually bring him into bed with me for some nursing snuggles, because mama is a fan of all. the. sleeps
So while I may never be the early bird getting the worm, there are a few things I keep in my arsenal of tricks to help ease the early morning wake ups.

First off: coffee – I know, duh. But seriously, coffee is my BFF most mornings, especially those that involve me seeing any time before 8. Yes, I’m still breastfeeding, and yes, a cup or two of caffeinated coffee are perfectly fine and acceptable and will do no harm to you or your nursling. Because I only indulge in one cup in the mornings, I’m more picky about what kind of coffee I buy. Mixcups is this awesome new service that I recently discovered that delivers variety packs of K-cups directly to your home! No more dragging yourself to the cupboard to make your morning cup to discover that you’re out of coffee, or having to run to the grocery store in your embarrassing pajamas to restock your caffeine supply. The box I got had 30 pods, which easily lasted me just over 3 weeks, and had a good mix of light, medium and dark roasts as well as flavored and non-flavored varieties so no matter what I was craving in my morning cup, Mixcups had it covered! Not much of a fan of flavored coffee? Or is tea more up your alley? You can choose from a Standard Coffee Mix, Non-Flavored Coffee Mix, or a Tea Lovers mix for your subscription, or they have a vast majority of decaf, bold, medium, light and mixed varieties in their shop as well!

This Weestructed Raising Tiny Humans is ExhaustingTM mug is the perfect mug for any tired parent / teacher / nanny / etc and is the perfect vessel to accompany Mixcup’s elixir of life.

My second trick to waking up even when I really really dont want to – yoga. Even if I only have about 10 minutes, I try to go through one of these one | two | three morning wakeup routines to get my day started. Along with a healthy breakfast, centering myself (even with a crazy toddler climbing all over me) with a little am yoga stretching helps me relax, prepares me for my day ahead and wakes me up. Since I’ve started my morning routine plus going to a few classes a week, I upgraded from practicing on the carpeted floor and borrowing one that complete strangers have been using to picking up one of my own (which p.s. makes for way easier and more comfortable posing) so naturally I’m now a master of all things yoga, right? Not really. But, I love that this mat in particular is way longer for my amazonian woman limbs than the one I picked up on clearance a few years ago at a discount store.

My final go to is a cute mom life tee or tank like these two from JumpingJack and LittleDudeNDudette to help me feel better about my morning woes and coffee obsession. With some vintage levis cutoffs and sweet Proof eyewear shades to cover the bags under me eyes, I can almost look put together – like I maybe almost kinda sorta got an acceptable amount of sleep the night before.

Where to buy: Weestructed Mug // Youphoria Yoga Mat // JumpingJack Mom Life Tank // Proof Eyewear Sunglasses // LittleDudeNDudette Mug Life Tee // Mixcups coffee variety pack // Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System [which p.s. is on sale for $45 off right now on amazon]

Are you a coffee lover?
Does something like Mixcups intrigue you?
What’s your favorite morning flavor?
Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I may have received one or more of the aforementioned products for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Regardless, I only recommend products I truly use and enjoy!


41 thoughts on “Early Morning Survival with Mixcups

  1. AWESOME. I will say that I am not a coffee drinker. {GASP} I know!! BUT, I can't live without TEA. It's what gets me going in the morning. As for the mug and the top. I NEED them pronto. 😉 Fun post, thanks for sharing!!!


  2. So happy to not be the only one struggling in the morning! I just really wish I could get into a routine that was positive for me but alas the boys in my life like to keep my mornings interesting, so no routine for this mama!
    But seriously, how do you do yoga with a toddler??? What is your secret!


  3. Thanks!!!!!! Morning are super hard over here as well. I'm not a morning person and it's hard for me to always get up in the morning. Im going to try your yoga tip even though I don't do yoga but I'm going to try that. Thanks


  4. I love the tank! I used to not be a morning person but the past month or so I have been waking up at 5am and working out everyday. I am sure that will change when my fiance and I start our own family so I guess now I need to get my workouts in while I can.


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