What We Wore: Mama + Mini Style

Mama’s outfit: Teething Necklace // Tank // Chambray // Shorts // Sandals
Mini’s outfit: Tank // Leggings // Moccasins [use code SHYNNZ to save 10%]
As our temperatures reach ridiculously high temperatures this week, we’re doing just about anything we can to stay cool – mainly lots of pool time, snow cones and my bff: the A/C. 
Shop Dinkys sent H this adorable “Chill” tank from Pop Kids and it’s been on repeat, because, baby toddler arm rolls give me all the heart eyes and the neon orange is ridiculously cool, plus the little double popsicle graphic is the perfect mix of toddler cool and adorable. I love these “sketchy” leggings because they’re 100% organic cotton, super breathable in the heat so H doesn’t overheat, they are the perfect companion to the tank and his Tiny Wears moccasins [enter to win some for your little here].
You know I’m a sucker for coordinating with the Hulk, so I found my coral Six Soldiers “original recipe” tank from last year and threw it over a pair of white denim scallop hem shorts I thrifted last weekend for THREE DOLLARS. Considering they were $49.50 originally and are still listed on the Loft’s website for $25 makes me feel like they were a hugenormous score, and further strengthens my love of secondhand shopping.
Thanks to the town of Molarsville that we’re now occupying, I never leave home without a teething necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop. Not only are they awesomesauce for H to chomp on, but they prevent twiddling / scratching / slapping / hair pulling while he nurses and I’m seriously obsessed with their new modern silicone styles.
Andplusalso, it turns out four and a half minutes of pictures is now H’s threshold and when he decides that he’s over the whole photo shoot process. He’s lucky he’s cute!
How are you staying cool as the temperatures soar?


14 thoughts on “What We Wore: Mama + Mini Style

  1. Okay, I just have to say – I originally commented on one of your posts as part of one of the Facebook blogging groups we're both part of. And then your stuff started popping up on my feed. Usually when that happens I just ignore it, but I love your writing style and your photos! So, yeah, following you now on Insta and Bloglovin. You are awesome. (And who knew those FB groups were actually good for stuff like this? haha) The end.


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