The best tees for Dads + Minis

Father’s Day is right around the corner so what better time to find a few awesome tees for your hubby / significant other to rock with your little than now?! Plus, all these tees are made by ‘small’ shops, so by supporting them you’re supporting their dreams! And does dad really need another tie or sweater? 
Dads + Their Littles
1 // Dad: Tiny Wears — Little: TopKnotGoods
2 // Dad: Becketts Threads — Little: Tee + Tank
3 // Dad: The LB Brand — Little: Tank + Tee
4 // Dad: Root Avenue — Little: Camo + Floral
5 // Dad: Loved By Hannah and Eli — Little: Tank + Tee
6 // Dad: Mama Said Tees — Little: Tee
What one(s) are your favorite? 
Would your partner wear any of these?

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