Monday Introductions // Wit & Wander Giveaway

The Hubs, H and I moved into our new house about two months ago and we are just now starting to finish our new master suite. We never fully decorated or settled in to our last house, I think because we knew it wasn’t going to be a long term situation, and therefore our bedroom never fully felt like ‘us’. 
It was: a mishmash of furniture, piles of H’s clothes, diapers, toys, and random magazines and books strewn all over.
It was not: a place of relaxation, a nightly haven, or a room I was proud of. 
With our new house, we want to make sure it becomes our home. We want it to reflect us and our personalities. We want it to be a space we walk into and create beautiful memories together as a family. 
My sweet husband started the ball rolling a few weeks ago. 
While we were back East over Mother’s Day weekend saying goodbye to Grampa, he told me he would have a surprise ready to cheer me up for when we got back home. When I walked through the doors and back into our bedroom to unpack and get H and I ready for bed, I saw the most beautiful pallet headboard sprawled across our back wall! 
Pinterest, eat your heart out. 
It is beautiful and perfect and exactly what I wanted.
After that, we got more motivated than ever to create our refuge. 
We added two eclectic side tables, a shelf to display a favorite picture of H, and a rustic DIY garland. 
It was beautiful, but it needed something else. 
Megan’s (AKA: the talented mama behind Wit & Wander) long time passion is evident in her work. Her Etsy shop is full of beautiful designs that will add “joy, creativity, and quirkiness to everyday life with clever instantly downloadable digital prints to brighten up any space”!
Whether you need customized wedding programs, baby shower party kits, or something to jazz up the walls in your home – Wit & Wander has it all. 
As soon as I opened her Etsy shop page and saw all the Jane Austen quotes I was hooked! I had such a hard time narrowing it down to three prints that would be perfect for our bedroom it took me days to decide, even after recruiting the Hubs to help out. We ended up choosing two Austen prints: “Perhaps it is our imperfections that makes us so perfect for one another” from Emma, “My heart is and always will be yours” from Sense and Sensibility and then a red “I love you more” to add a little color to the space.
I wanted to keep the space rustic and simple, so I skipped the frames and I love how they look. Now when we enter into our bedroom, my heart feels light and it is the perfect space for us to relax and unwind after long days with a crazy Hulk toddler. 
I have partnered up with the generous Megan of Wit & Wander to give you all a chance to win THREE prints of your choosing to add some beauty to your walls!


30 thoughts on “Monday Introductions // Wit & Wander Giveaway

  1. What a wonderful surprise! The headboard is beautiful! Those prints go perfectly, too! I definitely feel ya about making a house a home. It's the little touches that mean so much. Thanks for introducing us to Wit and Wander, too. I love a great Etsy shop!


  2. After 5 years I am still working on our bedroom and I have to find a headboard. The pallet wood route looks like a promising one! Lovely and glad you're settling in. It's so good to have a house feel like a home. #blogitforward


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