Taking family time #totheedge with AQUOS + Geocaching

Have you heard of Geocaching yet? 
It is a trifecta of awesomeness:

       It’s FREE. 
          It’s easy. 
             You can do it anytime, anywhere.

To get started, literally all you need is a smartphone with the Geocaching app and a sense of adventure!
I’m using the AQUOS Crystal because it has an awesomesauce edgeless screen, which means I can see more of my local geocaches without having the carry around a bigger phone! Geocaching is pretty huge where we are in Idaho, but you may be surprised at just how many are hiding under your nose. You don’t have to live in the mountains or in a rural area – some of the most fun ones we’ve encountered have been in parking lots and hidden in plain sight at the park. 
There is so much to love about geocaching, and the fact that it’s free to do (unless you want to pay the $10 for the premium app) means it fits into everyones budget. I love that I’m getting out of the house and getting fresh air with my family. I love that were getting outside and exploring little hidden parts of our town. I love that we’re getting away from everything . The time spent geocaching is time we’re spending together making memories and ‘unplugged’. While we haven’t bought the premium app yet, I am seriously contemplating it as we’ve become hooked!
I grabbed my Sharp AQUOS Crystal phone, selected a few close Geocaches, threw on one of our LILLEbaby carriers, grabbed a few tchotchkes and some pens,  and the three of us were off!
Our first geocache, “Silent Watchdog” was so much fun and definitely got us hooked. It’s located in a local park about 5 minutes walking distance from our house and we had passed by its hiding spot more times than I can count. When you’re logged into the app, you’ll get a notification that you’re within 30 feet of a cache and to keep your eyes peeled. 
This particular geocache’s description left us with a huge clue “You are looking for a small camouflaged plastic jar. Beware of the silent watchdog!
There was also an extra hint: “Try sitting on the concrete circle facing the shrubbery” which clinched our first geocache logging! 
While the Hubs was initially not so into the idea of starting this for a family activity this summer, he is now trying to plan several new geocaches of our own to start! Next time we go, the geocache’s we’re planning on finding are at a local hiking area so we’ll bring along a little picnic to enjoy afterwards. Our Sharp AQUOS Crystal is the perfect companion – the edgeless screen means easier navigation and once we’re done and ready to mangia, we can take advantage of the crisp and amazing Harman Kardon Clari-fi sound system to listen to music in the background!
How do you live your life #totheedge?  Show me (and the Sharp AQUOS Crystal team) what you do by uploading your photos of the view from your edge to IG or FB.  Make sure you add #totheedge and #AQUOSCrystal and tag @AQUOSTOTHEEDGE.  If the AQUOS Crystal team loves your photo, they’ll feature it on this site: http://www.to-the-edge.com!
For more information on Geocaching, click here
For more information on the high-five inducing features of the Sharp AQUOS Crystal phone, head over here!
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Sharp AQUOS.


20 thoughts on “Taking family time #totheedge with AQUOS + Geocaching

  1. Geocaching seems to be an awesome hobby. I have a few friends that flew out to Idaho from here in Atlanta to do it. They loved the terrain especially the huge sand dunes.


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