What I Wore // Mama Style

Hat: Forever21 // Sunglasses: Proof Eyewear // Necklace: Annie’s Nest Designs // Poncho: Shop Strands // Tee: The LB Brand // Bracelet: House of Harlow 1960 from RocksBox [use code ‘muchmostdarlingxoxo’ to get your 1st month free!] // Shorts: Target // Boots: Nordstrom Rack

This poncho from Shop Strands has,unfortunately, been sitting neglected for a little while. During the move it somehow made its way into a box full of swimwear (this mama is so not ready for that yet), so there it sat until the Hubs and I worked on finishing my closet this past weekend. 
This past winter and spring I wore it with skinny distressed denim, black jeans and a relaxed white button up, for a few crisp and clean looks and now it’s a perfect boho-esque topper to finish off a basic tee + cutoffs. I’m always surprised by this puppy every time I put it on. I was so nervous about the whole poncho ‘thing’, and wasn’t quite sure I would be able to pull off the boxy and unfitted silhouette, but it’s just so dang comfy I practically contemplate sleeping in it.  
Although this is meant to be a poncho, it’s actually really awesome for nursing! While I’m out with H, he sometimes gets so overstimulated (especially at restaurants), and has troubles ‘just’ sitting or lounging and nursing without popping off every 2 seconds. With this Aztec poncho, I can just bring one of the sides over to help ‘drown out’ some of the background noise and stimulation or cover a little extra if I feel the need to – and the fact that I don’t even have to pack anything extra with me is a huge plus, as 9 times out of 10 I forget my diaper bag at home or in the car. 
It is a little on the thicker side, so when it really starts to warm up I may have to rethink the layers, but I love the pop it brings to any outfit without being overwhelming! 
Have you tried a poncho before? Or are you more into the lighter kimono styles?

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