May Beauty Favorites

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How crazy is it that were almost halfway through the year?! May was all about discovering new products to improve my beauty routine, and while there were a few misses I did find some wonderful hits along the way as well!
May beauty favorites

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara: is officially my new favorite mascara! YSL has outdone Dior in the false lash effect mascara game with their new triple-intensity formula. It only takes one coat, especially for daytime, and my eyes pop thanks to the intense volume, length and color the Faux Cils delivers. When I’m wanting a little extra drama, I’ll do two coats and add a little shimmer from my Naked Palette and even the Hubs remarks at how ‘huge’ my eyes and lashes look! I love that they’ve added in a B5 pro-vitamin to the formula, so not only do my lashes look gorgeous, they’re also being strengthened and protected as well!

Radha Beauty Skin Clearing Serum has been my saving grace through this last month. With all the moving, bad food choices, traveling, illness, and teething, the stress was getting to my skin in a bad bad way. I was breaking out way worse than I had in years and my regular cleanser and moisturizer weren’t doing anything to help. I needed something that was powerful enough to combat some crazy acne, but wouldn’t dry out or irritate my sensitive skin. I found this serum from Radha almost two weeks ago and since then has worked wonders! Honestly, after a little less than a week I started noticing my acne fading and my skin has only been improving since then. This amazing all natural formula doesn’t contain any dyes, parabens or fillers and combines Vitamin C, Retinol, botanical hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and Niacinamide to powerfully but gently fight breakouts. I put it on every morning and night after washing my face and it absorbs into my skin fast without leaving any weird residue or burning feeling. If you need skin clearing help, run to Amazon and pick this up. Seriously. 
Nugg Face Masks have been my 10 minute mini spa day escapes during H’s nap time. The Deep Cleansing is probably my favorite out of the three, as I can feel it starting to work right away with a refreshing little tingle. The Hydrating Mask gives me the most immediate and noticeable difference and is more of my bff during the dry winter months or after I’ve gotten a little too much sun. The Revitalizing Mask‘s peppermint smell is like a cup of coffee for my face and helps me wake up a little faster in the mornings! They all leave me with immediate super soft and moisturized skin, and I’ve found the more I use them the better and longer lasting the effects are. My favorite use is in the shower after I shampoo my hair, I wash my face and then smooth some on before putting on conditioner and then letting both sit for at least 5 minutes in the steam – ahhhhh. 
Foxbrim Organic Rosehip Seed Oil has replaced my beloved (and very expensive) Moroccan Oil for my hair, but I’ve also found some surprising uses for it as well. Summer is usually really harsh on my feet due to spending so much time outside barefoot or in sandals, and my legs finally come out of winter hiding to see the sunshine in shorts and skirts which means lots of shaving and sun exposure. After I shower and shave, I apply the oil to my legs and feet to nourish and protect my skin and I’ve noticed I can go longer in between shaving!
Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner has helped breathe some life and volume back into my poor still-suffering-from-post-partum-hair-loss locks. While I pair it with my Pura d’or shampoo, Regenepure (obviously) recommends combining it with their shampoo and other treatments for the maximum growth and volume benefits. It contains a powerful combination of biotin, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, keratin, silk protein, copper peptides & saw palmetto extract, while remaining free of harsh chemicals, parabens and SLS to help add volume, promote growth & strengthen the hair you have. While I love the awesome benefits, the minty smell and refreshing light tingle feeling are definitely my favorite part of using the conditioner. 
Did you discover any new products this month that you’re loving (or hating)? I’d love to hear about them!
Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I may have received one or more of the above products complimentary or at a deep discount in exchange for an honest review. 


27 thoughts on “May Beauty Favorites

  1. My friend and I were just talking about that same mascara. I am glad you reviewed it. I have extremely sensitive eyes and a one coat wonder is just what I need. Can I get that on Amazon too? I'm going to search for it. Thanks


  2. Liz you seriously have to! I was sent some in January and am totally hooked! Amazon is always easiest for me, but I know they sell them at Target by the pod versus in the multipacks for under $3.50. I usually get 2 – 3 applications from each pod too, so really they're under $1.75 per use, which is awesome!


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