What I Wore // Mama Style

Ya know when you throw something on and just think ‘wow, this feels good’?

Thats exactly the way I felt when I threw on this dress!
It wasn’t much on the hanger, but I saw it on the rack and loved the colors and the feel of the fabric so I took a chance and brought it into the fitting room with me. 

 Necklace bracelet + earrings: Rocksbox [use code muchmostdarlingxoxo to get your first month FREE!] // Glasses: Coastal // Sunglasses: Subsidy Shades // Chambray: similar | similar // Dress: Love…Ady // Boots: Sole Society // Bracelets: Grampa Peterson
The minute I put this on, it makes me want to jump and twirl and dance under the stars in the moonlight! Forewarning – this is picture heavy. Now that it’s summer, pants are overrated and all I want to wear are dresses. When I walked into the Rack to return a pair of shoes, the smart part of me knew that I should just walk away, but Hulk bebé and the Hubs were already inside so I figured a look around was totally fine. Silly, silly me. This dress entered my life and it was all over.
Even in the fitting room, I was having way way way too much fun prancing around and showing off the beautiful lines and movement of this Love…Ady dress! 

I wanted to make this feel as casual as I could for a day of running errands (aka: returning the way too many clothes I found hanging in my closet that still had the tags on them). I’ve discovered chambrays are the perfect closet necessity – you can literally throw them on top of anything to make an outfit more casual and put together. 
These boots from Sole Society, I’ve talked about a million times. They are the perfect color to go with any outfit, are ridiculously comfortable, and are the perfect height – hello bootie jackpot! I like that I can wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts and jeans and they look great with everything. 

If you haven’t heard of RocksBox yet, check out my previous posts (here + here) to find out why I’m so in love. For under $20 a month you can have your perfect set of designer jewelry delivered straight to your door, which is an unbelievable deal. When I opened my second box, I was greeted by the  SLATE Beyond the Horizon Necklace, Perry Street Elise Earrings, and House of Harlow 1960
Tessellation Cuff in Silver.

The necklace is a new favorite and one I’m seriously considering buying. I love that it is modern, yet vintage looking, and is neutral enough to wear with almost anything, but still has a little sparkle to add a little je ne sais quoi.
I’m absolutely smitten with these gorgeous Perry Street earrings – they are straight out of The Great Gatsby and are so art deco it makes my heart go aflutter whenever I pull them out to wear. If my ears weren’t so sensitive, I would have already purchased them and they would never leave my ears.
The House of Harlow 1960 cuff was the only thing I was unimpressed with this time. While the bracelet is beautiful and delicate, it isn’t comfortable to wear and every time I move my wrist, it pops off. The design is right up my alley, but it just doesn’t work.
This is the first piece out of 6 that I’ve gotten so far that I’m not in love with, so I still give RocksBox a huge round of applause overall.
Want to give them a try? Head over to RocksBox and use code muchmostdarlingxoxo to get your First Month FREE! You can cancel at any time and if you decide to continue after that it’s only $19 a month!

And for a little fun, the following is what I actually look like for 90% of the pictures I rope my husband into taking: this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to be in front of real people. 

Does your style change at all once the weather warms up? 
Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links! 

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31 thoughts on “What I Wore // Mama Style

  1. I love this outfit! Pants are so overrated in the summer. I finally found a Kimono that I really like and I can't wait to start rocking it over summery flowing dresses.


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