Toddler Approved Green Smoothies

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that H hasn’t always been the best eater. 
At our recent 15 month checkup, his pediatrician asked me to really start pushing solids. He said at this age, H needs to be nursing less and eating more ‘real’ food. While he has gotten so so so much better (seriously though, it was like a light went off the next day and he decided he did, in fact, like to eat), I have found that if I make a smoothie, he’ll run off with it and suck it down by the time I find him hiding in the laundry room corner. 
I started using my Nutribullet (my favorite of all 4 of my blenders) to make him a giant batch of a fruit and veggie smoothie in the morning and refill his Nuby No Spill™ Two Handle Super Straw Grip N Sip™ as he finishes them throughout the day! This Nuby No Spill so far is my favorite cup for him to drink the smoothies out of for many reasons, one of which because it’s super easy for his little hands to hold onto as he zombie walk / runs all over the place because of the handles. 
I was attempting to put the smoothies into his CamelBak, but it kept leaking and was really hard to clean afterwards. With this Nuby No Spill cup, we haven’t had a single leak so far (even with Hulk bebé catapulting it across the room / yard / park) and cleanup is really simple: all I do is unscrew the lid, separate the top and pop out the straw and throw it in the dishwasher or rinse it under hot water with a little dish soap and let it air dry. 
Because of the Touch-Flo straw, the smoothie won’t come out of the straw until he brings it to his mouth, so I am comfortable giving him his No Spill cup even when he’s in a white tee or in his car seat! 
When we go out to eat, H has always loved to grab onto the straws in our cups and attempt to drink from them, but the water typically ends up everywhere. This is a great “step 3” cup to encourage your little’s natural drinking action and oral development and transition into true straw drinking, and in the last couple of weeks he still gets a little backwash into the cup and overflow when he’s exploring our drinks, but straw drinking has started to really improve! 
Here are his favorite combinations right now: 
You’ll notice they all have a base of avocado (for good fats) and banana (because they are awesome for his developing digestive system and help naturally sweeten the flavor). Plus, H was most likely a monkey in his past life as he’s kind of obsessed with the things. 

Want to grab a Nuby No Spill cup for your little? Head over to Amazon and snatch one up!
This post may contain affiliate links and / or I may have received one or more of the products mentioned for free in exchange for my honest review. 

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