Toddler Bedding

I’m almost a little embarrassed to admit that we’ve now been in our new house for three weeks, and H’s room has yet to be finished. His crib is up, the rocking chair is perfectly placed in the corner, and we finally got the room darkening shades up, but that’s pretty much it.

His closet is a chaotic mess, his pants are haphazardly folded in tupperware bins on the floor, and shoes, diapers, books, etc are scattered up and downstairs. There is no organization whatsoever – poor dude’s room has definitely taken a backseat as we’re trying to unpack and the the main public floor done first and we don’t use the upstairs much.

The hubs and I keep saying “Ok, we really need to get to H’s room this weekend”, but somehow life gets in the way and with errands and chores and his nap schedule, it keeps getting put off. Now that we have more rooms than necessary, we’ve decided to devote his actual room to sleep and will be moving his toys, etc into one of the spare rooms that will become a playroom. I’m hoping this will keep up his great sleeping habits, and help contain the largess of crap toys he has somehow accumulated (seriously, where does it all come from?!) to his toy room so I won’t be stepping on blocks in the middle of the night anymore.

First step? New bedding! Rad Revolution just got this amazing new fabric in for her swaddles that makes me immediately think happy summer thoughts, and is definitely the inspiration behind the sheet choices.  I’ve been drooling over some of the sheets on Wayfair right now – they have so many fun prints that are definitely worthy of a ‘cool’ toddler room upgrade. 
Toddler Bedding Favorites
1. Universal Comfy Co’s Crib Mattress Protector Pad ($19.95 on Amazon) // It’s no secret we cloth diaper, but nighttime is still an issue so we’re still half and half using cloth and disposables. The dude is such a heavy wetter (especially now that he’s pounding green smoothies for dinner most nights) that I haven’t found our holy grail of nighttime solutions yet. Because of this, we’ve been struggling with leaks, wet beds and damp PJs in the mornings, and leads to lots of extra laundry and having to wipe down and air out his mattress most days. Now with this comforter, all I have to do is throw it in the laundry with the sheets and the mattress is protected so there’s no extra work for me! The last mattress protector we purchased drove me crazy with how it crinkled whenever H rolls / moves around and it didn’t wash well, so I gave up. Then I ended up getting this mattress protector pad from Universal Comfy Co complimentary to test out and review and I was happily surprised with how QUIET it is! I never hear rustling while my active toddler is in his crib, and its saving me from having to wash down the mattress when his diapers leak – yay! The protector pad seems super soft and comfortable without being too thick (paranoid first time parent here) so that I have to worry about his breathing when he’s sleeping on his tummy.
2. Mod Circles Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet Color: Sea Crystal ($27 on Wayfair)
3. American Baby Company Percale 100% Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet (16.99 on Wayfair)
4. American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Fitted Crib Sheet, Aqua Sea Wave ($21.70 on Amazon)
5. OLLI+LIME Cross Crib Sheet ($55 on Wayfair)
6. Oceanside Oversized Blanket ($20 on Rad Revolution)


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