What’s Up Wednesday // 03.18.15

Oh Wednesday, you are slowly becoming one of my most favorite days of the week! If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that in addition to wearing pink, on Wednesdays we link up! If you want to join in, checkout all the details of the linkup here
This week is extra awesome for me, as I’m cohosting alongside the wonderful Ashley, Katie and Shannon, so it’s kind of a big deal. 
What I loved about the past week // How FULL and busy we have been! We have been appliance and furniture shopping non stop, cruising all over town to try and decide what ‘vibe’ we want our furniture to get across, and how we can fit everything into our budget. I am so in love with our new washer and dryer, they are beautiful and new and glorious, and I might have to find excuses to wash clothes just so I can use and look at them all the time. 
H was a little under the weather Sunday and Monday, and as a result had momentary acts of calmness. He only usually snuggles me if he’s nursing, and never snuggles hubby anymore, so we were both delighted to be spoiled with lot of calm and relaxed cuddles. The weather has also been absolutely gorgeous. Like, so gorgeous you don’t want to be inside, ever, so we’ve been taking advantage as much as possible! Lots of playdates and hikes with friends and walks around the neighborhood to get some of that soul refreshing Vitamin D.  
What I’m looking forward to // J14 takes TN! I cannot believe this date we have all been planning and talking about for so long is finally coming to fruition! Tonight at we are Nashville bound, and tomorrow morning we will be en route to our J14 weekend compound with some of the most amazing and crazy and caring and honest people I’ve had the honor of raising my son with. 
What my latest obsession is // Applesauce, sleepy time snuggles, shopping for the house and planning / designing my office! Also, donuts, but that will never change. 
What I’ve been daydreaming about // Chatty! Seriously though. Along with the house and dreaming about the day we close on it, it is all I’ve been thinking and talking about. I want to run to the mountaintops and scream to anyone who will listen: “welcome to the land of J14, where we believe in magical rainbow riding unicorns, wine, craft beers, supporting each other through all the GBCB and brownies!” 
What I’m watching // HGTV all day every day. Actually, more like from the hours of 9pm to 2am, but I’m hooked! I can’t decide if the Scott brothers or the Gains’ are my favorite duo right now, but I’d be more than happy to let either come and work their magic.
What I’m listening to // David Bowie and Ray Lamontagne’s station on Pandora. There’s something so soothing and beautiful about Ray Lamontagne’s voice that can instantly relax me every time I turn him on – and I’ve been in dire need of that this past week! 
What I’m craving // Drinking beer around a bonfire by the river, hugging my village, exploring downtown Chatanooga. I’m also majorly craving some calm and relaxing downtime and a date night with the hubs, but I know that with everything we have going on, theres no way that’s happening for a few weeks. 
What I’m doing this weekend // One word – Chattanooga! 
What else is new // Hulk bebé is looking like a total and complete toddler lately, and it’s giving me all the feels. It seems like every other day I’m having to pack up and put away everything he’s grown out of! We had a huge milestone of first steps on Monday!! 5 tiny little drunk man steps across the dining room table (mother of the year, I know), and it was AWESOME to watch! He is still babbling 99% of the time, but has started saying a few words that have become more clear as the month has progressed: Thank you, What’s That?, Wow, Woof Woof and Dada are all he says, and it’s super adorable. We went out to dinner the other night and when the waitress put a plate down in front of H, he turned up and said “ta-n t-oo” which made her goo and ga, and I kind of feel like it was a huge mom win *fist pump*.

SO – come link up with me and let us know what YOU were up to this last week! Any big highs you’re wanting to celebrate?



24 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday // 03.18.15

  1. Oh my goodness, my coworker told me today she would just sit in front of her tv and watch HGTV until she couldn't hold her eyes open anymore. I may have to check this out!


  2. I had that same feeling when I got my new washer and dryer! They are so big and I could do so much laundry at once! That feeling is past now…just back to boring old laundry! 🙂


  3. I love the word Chattanooga! Sounds amazing. Your child is just adorable and I love the instagram photo popping up on the side with the dryer or washer. Have a safe and fun trip!


  4. This March Idaho weather has been off the hook, right? Rosie and I seriously have been outside for walks every dang day! Love it! Also, I am so jealous of your washer and dryer; we can't wait to get our own when we move to Arizona!


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