Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

I have such fond memories of going on these crazy basket hunts that my parents set up when I was younger. I would follow multiple clues that were hidden around the house and in our yard, but it never failed that my basket was always hiding in the oven. Always.    As we lived right outside of DC, my parents also used to take me to the White House Easter Egg Hunt, where a ridiculous amount of kids would be unleashed on the White Houses  lawn and we would all scurry around finding the most eggs possible, get our faces painted, and pose for pictures with a few local government big wigs, but more importantly to a 6 year old me – the Easter Bunny. 
It’s traditions like those that I look forward to implementing as H grows. While we will obviously be the ones to help him search this year (alas, he doesn’t quite have the reading thing down yet), I think it will be really fun to start the habit earlier rather than later. Here are a few things we’ve picked up along the way to add to his Easter basket, that don’t include the sugary sweetness that will be harder to avoid as he gets older:
 Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

1 // Easy Anywhere Reusable Food Pouches: Because sometimes you have a teething toddler who refuses all foods, but will suck down a puree pouch in seconds – these Easy Anywhere are my go to. They are reusable which makes my little granola heart super happy, and they are incredibly easy to use. I usually throw some fruits and veggies in my NutriBullet (H’s favorite right now is a spinach, banana, blueberry and mango mix), blend it up, and then pour it into the pouch, close the double zipper, and throw it in the refrigerator – and we’re good to go! They are super easy to use and even easier to clean – I just open the pouch back up, rinse it out, run it through the dishwasher and they’re ready to be filled again! I also love that these are each 7oz in size, so they’re great for older kids too, and make these an even better value. Considering I have paid about $16 for an 8 pack of organic puree pouches at Target, $11 for 4 pouches I can use over and over again is a steal!
2 // BabyLit Sherlock Holmes + Jabberwocky Books: BabyLit is such a cute series of books that uses brightly colored illustrations to delight your little ones with the sights and sounds of classic literature. They are so much fun to read with any age child, and there is something brilliant about their simplicity. H loves pointing along as I read to him!

*PSA: These are on sale right now over at Brickyard Buffalo for 30% off ($6.99 instead of $9.99) until 03/20, however, shipping is $3 for the first item with $1 for each additional items, so in order to get a good deal on these, you’ll want to order at least two!*
3 // Zubels Crochet Hand Rattles: These are probably the cutest rattles I’ve ever seen! Each and every one of their rattles are hand made using 100% cotton yarns, and eco-friendly low-impact dyes so I don’t have to worry about any toxins as everything ends up in H’s mouth, and their 6 inch size makes them super easy for little hands to grab onto. The detailing is so precise and the quality is amazing. We have the Crochet Cow Rattle and H loves holding onto the handle and shaking it around as hard as his Hulk self can while chattering away. Between the shaking, throwing, and banging he has put it through, it still hasn’t shown any wear, nor has a single stitch popped or come unraveled – an impressive feat when your son’s favorite pastime is the Hulk smash. 
4 // Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Bath Cups: These are a must for bath time fun! While H still isn’t a fan of baths, we use these ‘on dry land’ (aka: the living room floor) as well as in the pool and they are a huge hit. I love these for so many reasons. First off, they are great for teaching colors, numbers and shapes in a really fun way. Each cup is a different size and color, so they can easily be stacked upwards to build a tower, or can be nestled inside one another when your little one is done banging them around. There are also shapes on the bottom of each cup and 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 holes on the bottom to let the water flow through, which is apparently one of the coolest things H has ever seen, as he lights up like a Christmas tree when we play with them. While his favorite thing to do with them right now is throw and bang them around as hard as he can, he loves watching me stack them up and transfer water from one to the other, and as he becomes more coordinated he’s slowly starting to learn how to do the same. 
5 // Rad Revo Swim Trunks: Warning: If you’re faint of heart, steer clear of these! Kidding, but seriously. Rad Revo’s swim trunks are the cutest things you will put on your son’s / grandson’s / nephew’s / cousin’s / bff’s son’s chunky little legs and booty this summer. When I took H to my aunt’s pool in Texas, the ladies could NOT get over how adorable his chunky thighs looked in his orange mismatch stripe swimmers, which resulted in many a light pinch to said thighs. Eventhough these are meant to be swimwear, they are so much cuter and less bulky than the ones we have from those certain baby clothing chain stores, and I totally plan on pairing them with tees and tanks this summer for his everyday wear, as they are snug enough to let both a new and seasoned walker run around and play with his buddies. 
6 // Rad Revo Teether: The cutest special edition teether for your little one! Rad Revo’s all natural wooden teething rings are finished by Mallory’s own hand with a homemade beeswax and olive oil wood finish, and is perfect for your drooling mess of a dude / dudette. I sometimes will wet down the fabric and throw it in the refrigerator for a little while to chill, and then reassemble it to the wooden ring and hand it over to H. He loves how the cold feels against his swollen gums and I love that he’s not chomping on me! If When he gets it dirty, I just take the fabric ears off, toss it in the washer and lay it flat to dry and it’s good as new. Not only for teething, he also just kind of loves to chat to it and loves flipping the ‘ears’ and waving it around! 
7 // Blossoms & Blooms Wicker Basket: How darling is this little easter basket from Kohls?! While I think the character baskets are adorable, a wicker basket will probably last longer, both in wear and neutrality, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it each year. 
Do you have any tried and true goodies you put in your children’s Easter Basket?
Any fun Easter traditions?

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21 thoughts on “Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

  1. I have never had the pleasure of doing Easter egg hunt until I had to take my cousins and now my nephew so not sure what it's like but hope to do it with my kids. Love the basket you have put together


  2. I too have fond memories of Easter as a child! My parents, especially my mom, would go through great lengths to make it super special for us. We WERE ALLOWED some candy on the day of course, but she always mixed it up with little toys and small bills of money or coins to make it more fun and distract us from all the sugar! HA! Can't wait to be starting traditions with my family too!


  3. The reusable pouches are wonderful! They save so much money! Especially because its the only way my little one will eat veggies! 🙂 These are so great, I love the idea of a no candy easter basket!


  4. Great idea! I always try to think of something my kids need but that is kind of neat – then I give it to them for holidays. They never know – and then I don't have to deal with all the bad for you candy!


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