What’s Up Wednesday // 03.11.2015

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means! It’s time to link up with some of my favorite fellow bloggers for the What’s Up Link Up! 
What I loved about the past week//
SO MUCH. Literally, this has been the most awesome week I’ve had in the longest time! Searching for a house, the hubby was offered a new position at work that will give him MORE monies for LESS hours, which means more time at home with Hulk bebé and I! 
What I’m looking forward to//
Again – SO MUCH. I dont want to get ahead of myself here, but amazing things are happening in the home field and job field. AND, We’ll be on a plane heading to our J14 Village meeting in ONE week! Ah! The weather warming up, and the sun finally coming out. Lots of trips to the park and market. 
What my latest obsession is//
Pinterest! Browsing through home ideas is kind of all I’m doing lately, along with appliance shopping, and lusting after beautiful furniture that is super outside of our budget. 
What I’ve been daydreaming about//
Seeing some of my most favorite people in the entire world, who helped me get through the crappiest of pregnancy symptoms, loneliest and most stressful of newborn days, and who helped me celebrate all the beautiful motherhood victories. 
What I’m watching//
Anything and everything that’s on Bravo late night. It’s terrible. It’s all mindless trash and usually the same two or three shows that I already saw the previous night, but you can’t be too choosy when it’s midnight and you’re just trying to veg out on the couch. 
What I’m listening to//
The David Bowie station on Spotify. The man can do no wrong, and H loves dancing along to his sweet tunage. His current favorite is Under Pressure by DB and Queen, so I’m feeling like a pretty proud mama for turning him on to the rock gods!
What I’m reading//
I just finished Roaring Hot by Rachelle Ayala. I was in the mood for a good romance novel and this one fits the bill perfectly. It’s about a handsome Asian motorcycle racer, Teo, who hires a hopeful actress, Amy, to play the role of his girlfriend as a ruse to get his grandmother off his back about being a playboy. It’s not your traditional boy-meets-girl, boy-falls-in-love-with-girl story, and I finished it in about three days because it was a really easy and entertaining read. I liked that it had everything I usually like about my trashy novels (aka: perfect beach day companions), and is steamy and romantic, but it wasn’t overly raunchy. 
Any suggestions for my next read?
What I’m craving//
This honey mustard salmon and these baked chai donuts – yeah, I’m salivating. I’m also craving travel and exploration and something new. I’m kind of itching to get out, but work is swamping me this week and theres only a week until we’re on a plane again, so local trail walks will have to do for now. 
What I’m doing this weekend//
Shopping for appliances and baby proofing things! There’s something about a brand new stainless steel french door refrigerator that makes my heart skip a beat, and when you add in a beautiful new front load washing machine it may just stop all together. Does that make me old? Let me know. 
Also – baby proofing is ridiculously overwhelming! We picked up this edge + corner guard and some more outlet covers and door latch things last week, and are now trying to weed through the million and a half baby gate options on Amazon but my brain hurts. 
Do any of you have any suggestions for great baby gates for the stairway? Help this mama out!
What else is new//
Today H and I celebrate 422 days of breastfeeding – holy wow. I’m honestly speechless that we’ve come so far, and I never expected us to make it this long. 

This post may contain affiliate links. I received one or more of the above mentioned products complimentary for testing purposes. However, I only recommend products I personally love and use to my readers. 


29 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday // 03.11.2015

  1. Congratulations to your husband on getting a great job! Y'all must be so excited. Also I'm going to have to check out those chai donuts. I'm pretty much obsessed with anything chai!


  2. I'd love to be shopping for new appliances! Sometimes my husband and I just go look for fun haha. Congrats on breastfeeding so long! I haven't had that experience yet, but I know many who have, and it's not an easy task.


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