What I Wore // Mama Style

 Glasses: Gift from Firmoo // Necklaces: Gift from Shop Strands //
Mama Bear Tank: Loved By Hannah And Eli // Duster Cardigan: Trouve //
High Waisted Shorts: Vintage Levi’s // Leopard Sneakers: similar | similar
TGIF. Seriously. Someone beer me. 
Or better yet, wine me. 
Do you ever have those days [weeks] where you wake up exhausted? Spend your day exhausted? Like 3-cups-of-extra-bold-coffee-and-I’m-still-barely-functioning kind of exhausted? And finally, when your body is run down after a long day of tantrums and screams and giggles and cuddles, and you’re ready to get into bed, all of a sudden your brain turns on and starts churning out to-do lists.
And cute outfits.
And what you need to get from the grocery store. 

Where did I leave those nail clippers?
Does the cat have food?
Where is that beeping noise coming from?
Crap, I forgot to go to the bank. 
Did I pay the credit car bill, or was that last month? 
Will my boobs ever be perky again? 
Crap I forgot to take the diapers out of the washer. 
Did I shower today? 
I want donuts. 
Maybe tomorrow I won’t sleep in and we can all go to Guru.
I barely took any pictures of H today. 
How long has he been doing that weird fake laugh thing?
How long has it been since I was at the gym?
Etc. etc. etc. 
I could literally go on for days. 

And then you start thinking about how if  someone could read your mind right now they’d probably think you were crazycakes. And they probably wouldn’t be far off from the truth. 
I am so ready to take advantage of the fact that the hubs will be home and healthy and can take care of H while i decompress after a hectic week of dealing with flaky renters, temper tantrums, street construction [were going on 6 months here], and apartment hunting.
Speaking of – why is it so expensive to live?! I just want a cute + affordable apartment with enough closet space for all my clothes, enough room for H to Hulk Smash and be his crazy self in, a space to set up my office, a gym and a nice kitchen so hubby can cook me yummy things to eat. Oh, and a park would be nice too. That’s not too much to ask – right?!
Are you listening universe?
I’m talking to you.
I think I may have a slight bout of cabin fever from being at home and stationary for the most part after a whirlwind few weeks of traveling. As chaotic as it is now, and as hard as it is to do with a little boob bandit (aka: Hulk bebé), I kind of love the constant buzzing and motions that travel always brings. Even when it’s someplace we’ve been 500 times before, I love getting out of town and having the experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 minutes or 4000 miles away, taking a break from the everyday helps me unwind and relax, and I end up sleeping better. Thank goodness there’s only 12 days until we’re off on our next adventure! 
Do things pop into your head before you go to bed at night? Or are you one of those lucky sucks who can put their head down and are out within minutes? 
Teach me your ways! 


10 thoughts on “What I Wore // Mama Style

  1. I am actually one of those people who falls asleep as soon as my head sits the pillow! But I totally feel you on thoughts going crazy the rest of the time. I have been craving a cute apartment as of late too! Can it be that hard to find something adorable and affordable?


  2. Every single time, I can go to bed and all these thoughts of what I forgot to do come attacking me before I fall into deep sleep, then I could care less. haha Cute outfit mama! Love it! I'm always looking for new outfit inspirations


  3. Off, that's busy! I'm starting to get better and “turning my brain off”… but it's HARD! I'm SO jealous of people who can fall asleep instantly. If I can fall asleep within half an hour of going to bed, that's a huge accomplishment for me.

    Also, this outfit is so very cute on you.


  4. Wow, love this! That outfit is adorable (I wish I could dress like that), and your thoughts sound identical to mine. I was trying to set up a payment via PayPal and it kept rejecting my credit card.. Turns out I had NOT paid the bill… I could have sworn I had!


  5. Days seem to run together for me! I am one of those that will go to bed with a thought or wake up at 3 am with one and that's it…brain is running, you can forget about sleep. I started keep a journal by the bed and now I'm writing down those thoughts in hopes of getting some sleep.


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