What’s Up Wednesday // 03.04.2015

Wednesday! You’re back! Since I missed out the last two weeks because of still being on our crazy road trip, I’m just going to compile everything into this weeks – this may get long…
What I loved about the past [few] week[s] // 
Stopping in Little Sweeden
Celebrating Fat Tuesday in Oklahoma City!
Finally put these Rad Revo swimmers to use!
SO happy to be home to dad!
Neighborhood walks in our new LILLEBaby
Men who baby wear = HOT
Someone’s decided to start eating finally!
New favorite thing: reading about animals!

What I’m looking forward to //
A job opportunity for the Hubs – it would mean he would be home more, like a lot more, and he would be able to finish school! Less than 2 weeks until our get together with our J14 village in Chatty! Seeing my Grammy + Grampa at the end of the month. Looking for an apartment and decorating said apartment! Treating myself to a massage. Getting a cut + color with my new favorite hairdresser. 
What I ate for dinner last night //
Salmon + Brown Rice + Roasted Brussels Sprouts + Kale Salad + Wine, lots of wine.
What I’m craving //
Donuts. This may be an addiction – is there a DAA (Donut addicts anonymous)? If so, I should probably start going. Warm weather and sunshine – as much as I love Fall and Winter, there’s only so many grey days a girl can handle before getting cabin fever, and I know H is pretty ready to spend all day outside again!
What I’m doing this weekend //
Looking at apartments, hanging out with my two favorite dudes, and attempting to clean out my closet. 
What else is new //
I’m really trying to work on my time management, as I’m now managing 12 units and it’s impossible to get any work done while H is awake – toddlers are no joke! H is getting super close to walking, he loves ‘playing’ the guitar and dancing and singing – music makes him so happy! 

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12 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday // 03.04.2015

  1. I love that you took a picture at every state sign! So cute! I've missed seeing your posts in the linkup so I'm glad you're back. 🙂 And hope your road trip was super successful! I'm impressed you did it with your little man!


  2. These pictures are adorable! I love how you documented each state. Toddlers are no joke for sure. I nanny for a 2 year old and when he's awake I've given up trying to do anything but play and let him make a mess haha.


  3. Gosh he is so cute!!! I totally understand what you mean about things getting harder to organize when your little is awake. I have 1 that's 2.5yo and a 8mo, it's quite rock and roll and I had to figure out ways to do things when they're sleeping. It gets easier as they grow up though. 🙂 Like when they can do puzzles and crafts (keeps them occupied for a while). 😉
    Julie | http://www.xfallenmoon.com/


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