Road Trip Day 5

Today was l a z y.
Like, hang around the house eating breakfast until 11am, drinking 3 cups of coffee, getting a full shower and another snack before getting dressed for the day kind of lazy. After having to wake up early and repack everything into the car and get on the road for the past few days, it was SO nice to just be able to amble about, eating and drinking slowly, and actually putting H down for a real life nap.
After we all got our acts together (around 1:30 – should I be embarrassed that I just admitted that?), we headed down to the Convention Center for Day 1 of QuiltCon2015, insert grannie emoji here. I made a headband at the Cotton + Steel booth, picked up some ridiculously cool quilting and sewing themed pins and fabric samples, and fell in love with some fabrics and patterns.
My mom, aunt, H (in the LILLEbaby) and I walked around for a little over 2 hours, taking everything in and enjoying the different booths. Let me tell you, this aint your Grandma’s quilting. The fabrics and patterns are modern, bright, and bold, and the place was bustling with ladies and gentlemen of all ages.

While H was definitely in the running for the youngest member there for the day, several of the booths were run by ladies in their early to mid-20s, and there were more men there than I had expected. Some you could tell just came to accompany their quilting partners, but others looked genuinely interested in what was going on around them.

Another reason that I love baby wearing is that I didn’t have to worry about a cumbersome stroller or running into anyone in the tight aisle spaces. Not only did mister separation-anxiety-ridden get to stay close to mama, but he was able to nurse when he wanted to and look around at all the beautiful quilts and talk to all the people walking about.
These Treeglown Designs were probably two of my favorites, because, hello – mama + babe animal themed quilts that aren’t cartoonish or gaudy?! Awesome! My mom picked up the “Love From Above” giraffe quilt pattern and fabrics so we can start on it when we get home!
This sweet sleepy babe fell asleep while we were walking around and at one point, reached out to grab my hand and kept holding on until we got back to the car and I had to put him into his carseat. Moments like this help remind me to take a deep breath and breathe it all in. I probably haven’t been as patient this trip as I should because I’m just feeling over-used, and frustrated, but he still wants to give me kisses and hold my hand while he sleeps, and that’s pretty wonderful. 
After meeting my cousin for dinner we headed back to my aunt’s to R+R, as we were all feeling a little wiped. What is it about the first low-key day after being super busy that is so exhausting?
H and I had a major sleepy bebé kiss and cuddle fest before our nightly goodnight FaceTime tradition with the Hubs, during which he promptly had a meltdown, causing us to cut our conversation short so we could start his bedtime.
Tonight was the first time in almost a week that H went down before 10:30ish, so I’m counting that as a major mom win after a lot of mom fails. Hopefully getting a good night sleep and some good naps tomorrow mean I’ll get my happy bebé back – fingers crossed, because we have a lot of adventuring to do in the next couple of days before getting back on the road!
To help keep me going, I’m drinking MatchaDNA Certified Organic Matcha Tea as a healthier alternative to chugging multiple cups of coffee. Matcha DNA sent me a generous sample complementary to test out and review, and I’m loving that I can make coffee-house worthy tea and tea drinks in my own home. In one glass of this Matcha, I get the same amount of antioxidants and nutritional value as if I were to drink about 10 cups of regular green tea, and aint nobody got time for that! I’ve used the single pouches to make a hot cup of tea, made Matcha tea lattes with warm coconut milk when I’m craving a little froufrou drink, and also added the powdered mix to smoothies in the afternoon as a little pick me up. 
The powder dissolved into the water and into the smoothie mixture really well, and I wasn’t left with any type of gritty or grainy leftovers in the bottom of the cups, and it didn’t give my smoothie a weird texture at all. This MatchaDNA Certified Organic Matcha Tea definitely tastes like green tea, which I’m normally a fan of, and has no bitter or yucky aftertaste that can sometimes happen with powdered Matcha, and is even more refreshing when chilled in the refrigerator. While I haven’t baked with it yet, I’ve pinned some really delicious looking ice cream and muffin recipes that I’m excited to try.
One thing I really like about Matcha DNA’s Green Tea is the fact that it is organically grown on a sustainable farm and hand-picked!


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