Road Trip Day 4 + A Giveaway!

Finally! We’ve arrived! A little worse for wear, but safe and sound nonetheless. After a quick morning cuddle session with a very cuddly Hulk bebé, we all headed out to breakfast with our host and then said our goodbyes and got back in the car to continue on our trip. We crossed over the boarder from Oklahoma into Texas pretty early this afternoon:
And were on our way to Dallas to meet up with another friend of my mom’s from her college days. It’s incredible to me that alllllll these years later, and Facebook has been able to keep them in touch! Facebook may get a lot of flack and negative feedback, but it can also do some pretty amazing things for the rekindling of friendships of years past. 
Today was probably the best car day for Hulk bebé! He took two awesome car naps, which on a short day like today, meant he slept for most of the drive – yaay! It was also our nicest day weather wise, and I ended up having to change out of my sweatshirt and jeans into a tee because I was too hot, Texas, you do not disappoint! 

Once we finally got to Dallas and met with my mom’s friend, she took us to a neighborhood Burger place for lunch and we indulged in some delicious noms (did I use that word right? I dont know why I’m using it. Am I hip enough? Probably not. #momjeans). My mom and I ordered the pesto chicken panini with roasted red peppers and the chicken avocado club with sweet potato fries and truffle fries and holy yum was everything delicious!

We ended up at my aunt’s house around 7 and H promptly began crawling like a crazed person, bumping into everything, throwing himself on and off the chair legs, and wreaking his usual havoc, so I know he was happy to be out of the car! For all his bumps and bruises I brought along his Cool Gel N Cap kid’s ice pack that I was sent complimentary to test out and review, because, let’s face it, toddlers are crazy drunk people and tend to get hurt more often than not. 
This adorable Toby the Puppy Kid’s Cool Gel N Cap rolls up so small it’s super easy to fit inside my suitcase or diaper bag, and is easy to throw in any hotel (or family member’s) freezer. The little gel packs fit right in a little pocket on the underside of the cap, which is then put on your little’s head just like a regular hat you might find at Target or The Gap, but it is SO much cuter! I tried the hat on Hulk bebé and then put him in front of the mirror and my goodness his smile lit up like a thousand watt lightbulb, so in addition to helping with bumps it also will make your heart melt and give everyone a little smile with how cute your child will look in it! The gel pack that is included with the cap does double duty. Not only can it be used as cold therapy, but it can also be used hot! Simply pop the little reusable gel disc in the microwave and slip it into the pocket and your little one has their own heat therapy treatment!
Because I love ours so much, I want to give YOU a chance to win one of your own ice packs for kids from Cool Gel N Cap!! 

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