Road trip Day 3

Oh Texas, we are SO ready for your warm weather and sunny skies! Today was three hours shorter than previous days but somehow felt longer. I think we’re all feeling a little cabin fever and H is totally off his normal schedule, and I’m feeling the repercussions of it.

Today we finished driving through Kansas and made our way into Oklahoma. 
We are part Swedish on my fathers side, and are all about the kitsch, so when we saw a sign for “Little Sweden”, complete with Swedish pastries, we pulled off the highway to check it out. 
The sweet little town of Lindsborg, KS had all these painted Dala around town, so we parked and walked around, picked up a pastry (or 7), refueled with some coffee and went on our merry way.
 You know we had to pull over when we crossed over the border into Oklahoma…
By the way, if you’re like us and trying to stop and take pictures at every state sign, Oklahomas is super inconspicuous and we almost passed it! 
We ended our drive tonight in Oklahoma City, staying at the house of a friend of my moms from college! I’m still amazed they’ve kept in touch after alllllllllllllll this time, but it’s nice to not be in a hotel for a change.
It’s also currently 10:43 and H is still up. He wants nothing to do with sleep, just wants to stay up, tackle me and pull my hair and party. Send in reinforcements! I’ll take wine, or gin, or Xanax.

Tomorrow is Texas, though, so I’ll be singing that in my sleep as my toddler slaps my chest and walks over my face. 
A few things I’m excited for? 
Other than seeing my aunt, the warm weather and swimming in her backyard pool! I brought Hs new swim trunks from our favorite Rad Revolution and SunNFun’s chocolate scented broad spectrum spf30 sunscreen for kids to finally put to use after the cold idaho winter! I’m not even ashamed to say that half of the reason I love the sunscreen that Sweetsation Therapy  sent me complimentary to test out is because of the yummy scent! Since I can’t eat chocolate anymore, this is definitely a sinless second best. 
This stuff is awesome so far! My crunchy self is always searching for non-toxic products and now that the weather is getting nicer, sunscreen is on the top of my list. This sunscreen from Sweetsation Therapy isn’t overly thick and greasy and doesn’t leave any residue. make me white and doesn’t feel greasy. While the &24 price tag is a little steep, $17 (the current price) is so much more realistic for my budget, especially considering the organic components. It is chemical free and non toxic, and lasts for up to 80 minutes of fun in the sun. I thought the scent might be off putting, but it’s reminiscent of a delicious chocolate mousse and doesn’t get gross after time so not only is Hulk bebé protected in the sun, but he also smells wonderfully!
They also sent me a Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen to try out for myself! As I mentioned in my February skin care goals, I am trying to be better about wearing sunscreen everyday, and this tinted moisturizer is perfect for that. Not only does it have the skin protection factor, but it also has anti-aging ingredients as well. Like the children’s version, this sunscreen (that is more like a regular CC / BB cream facial moisturizer than what you would typically think of as a sunscreen) goes on really smoothly and evenly, and actually makes my skin look better immediately when I use it. There is a lavender scent, which I love and dont think is too overwhelming, which dissipates after maybe an hour or so. The SPF 30 is the perfect level for my daily wear, and the tinted factor means one less step in my makeup routine!


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