Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

I am an admitted coffee addict. I don’t drink 500 cups a day, but I do thrive on my one cup – as dark roast as possible, preferably freshly hot, and black – no cream / sugar / frufru additives, just a good ole plain cup o’ joe. With that being said, I sometimes need a boost in the afternoons and drinking coffee is a terrible thing to do, but I do it, and I always regret it. I’ve been looking for a few ways to naturally boost my energy that are safe for breastfeeding mamas, and when Majestic Pure offered to send me one of their 100% Natural and Pure Lemon Essential Oils complimentary to review, I jumped at the chance. 

Knowing all the good that Lemon Essential Oil does for my body, I’ve started drinking a warm cup of it most mornings, as well as drinking another cup most afternoons. Lemon is safe for breastfeeding women, which I’m hyperaware of, and its natural, unlike most other “energy” drinks around.
Lemon Essential Oil is also great for clearing up acne (yes please), as a bug repellant, a laundry refresher, facial cleanser, is awesome as a household cleaner, can be helpful in fighting / treating Post Partum Depression and anxiety, helps with cold sores, works wonderfully as an air purifier (I add a few drops to my humidifier water), and in case peanut butter isn’t available – Lemon Essential Oil can help remove sticky gum!
So head over to Amazon to pick up a glass today and start enjoying the many benefits of Lemon Essential Oil!


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