Car Emergency Kit

As I mentioned in my What’s Up Wednesday post, I’m leaving this weekend for a 2 week long road trip to visit some family with my favorite little dude and my mom. Because we are going to be driving over 1800 miles, I want to make sure we’re totally prepared for anything and everything – especially because a lot of the areas we’ll be driving through don’t have great cell phone reception and you can never be too careful!
After perusing Pinterest, and making my own list, the following are some of the things that will be in our Car Emergency Kit:

1. A light. This 3-in-1 LED Vehicle Emergency Flashlight that I received complimentary from AYL is in our kit. Not only does it have the regular torch light, but it also can work as a pseudo-lantern, with the base lighting up with a powerful white light or flashing red lights to simulate a flare or emergency. The base is also magnetized so it ‘sticks’ to the car for hands free use, which is probably my favorite feature. The size is small and compact, so it doesn’t take up too much room in our emergency kit, but the light is powerful and bright and perfect for my everyday needs, like hunting around in the basement for Valentines Day decorations, as well as for use during night time driving when I don’t want to turn on the dome light and either wake a sleeping baby nor distract the driver. My dad loves using it in the crawl spaces under the house and for working on his cars and motorcycles as well!

2. A cell phone charger for your car.
    On that note, having a backup phone battery / battery case is a great idea as well. This MFi Certified iPhone 6 Battery Case is the current battery case I started using about a month ago because of all the air and car travel I’ve been doing with H and I love it. I love the fact that it keeps my phone charged all day so much, it’s actually become my daily case!

3. Jumper cables.
4. A small tool kit with screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, pliers etc.
5. Flares.
6. Collapsable shovel. Especially for these snowy winter months!
7. A spare tire, car jack and tire iron, as well as a tire plug kit and a can of Fix A Flat.
8. Extra food & water.
9. Sand or kitty litter for traction in snowy / icy weather.
10. Blanket(s)
11. Fire starting supplies: matches, lighter.
12. Extras for the babe: diapers, wipes, change of clothing, etc.
13. Personal care items: wipes  hand sanitizer, paper towels.
14. At least a small first aid kit with the basics (bandages and medications).
15. A knife / multitool.
16. Duct tape and rope.
17. Extra cash in 1s and a roll of Quarters.
18. Gallon sized Ziploc bags.

This printable list from Food And Storage Survival is one of my favorites that I’ve found so far, and is way more in depth than my list above.

Are there any other items you’d recommend for taking, especially when traveling with a 12 month old halfway across the country?


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