What I Wore // Mama Style + Hair Tutorial

Turban: Rayna Jaye // zodiac locket: Amelia Presents // Tank: Stitch Fix //
Plaid top: thrifted // Jeans: Hollister (similar) // Ankle boots: Seychelles Take Notice Boot
There’s something about buffalo plaid that just screams fall + winter time. It makes me think of snugly fires, fragrant fir trees, and white snowfall. I wanted to put together a fun outfit around this button up that didn’t scream “lumber jill”, but was still season-appropriate, and I think it worked . 
I’ve been searching for the perfect buffalo plaid for several months, and when I found this one at Savers thrift store last month during their 50% off event – I jumped at it! This was a huge score at $3.50, and was just waiting for me to pick it up. It is brand-less, and the tag says it’s an XXL, but is smaller than most of the Medium button ups in my closet, so I’m telling myself it’s a kid’s XXL, and it makes me feel pretty awesome! 
The turban is from Rayna Jaye. She was one of the first purchases I ever made from an Instagram shop, and she is the sweetest! Raynajaye’s Etsy is full of fun and bright colors and prints, and are perfect for brightening up any wardrobe. I love that this Safari colored one goes with everything and I thought was the perfect addition to this outfit. 
I got this black tank from my last Stitch Fix for our trip to Vegas in December and have been wearing it with everything! It’s a little more on the ‘sexy’ side, with the lace front and back and deep side splits, but the button up helps bring it to daytime and makes it more casual. 
I found the Seychelles ankle booties on Piperlime on clearance during one of my 2am shopping sprees. I love that they’re a light sand color, and have the cutest strap detail around the ankles. The sand color is so versatile and they’re really easy to dress up or down, so I can wear them with anything! Andplusalso- they were marked down to $34 and I got free shipping – yeah, no way could I say no to that!

I also found the easiest new way to do my hair so that I don’t look like a ragamuffin – high fives all around. When XTAVA contacted me to review their new XTAVA Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron, I was nervous. I’m not gifted in the way of hair, and I’ve never had good luck with a curling iron, but was intrigued when I read more about their product so I said yes and I’m glad I did! The XTAVA Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron makes the process so easy (even for a beauty novice such as myself!) and gives me a great curl. It has temperature control buttons that you can change by the degree from 210*F to 430*F, not just “low / medium / high”, so you can really adjust it depending on your hair type. I kept it on 350*, as I didn’t want a very tight curl and it worked great for my thick and curly hair. There is a little bit of a learning curve with the “L” and “R” buttons, but even if you start going the wrong way, its really easy to just stop and go the other way. The best part? Because of the auto rotate feature, my arms didn’t get tired and it took me just around 10 minutes! Whenever I’ve tried to curl my hair in the past, it’s taken at least 30 minutes and never looked quite right, so I’m really happy with it!  

 Are you ready for the easiest tutorial ever?
1. I brushed my hair out, and then gathered it into a high pony on top of my head. I wanted a messy look, so I didn’t bother straightening it, just started with my natural texture. 
2. Start separating out inch-ish thick sections and curl as you go.
3. If you want to set the style, after curling the entire pony, spray with a little hairspray. 
4. Take down the pony tail and voila! A head full of curls!
This is what my hair looked like right after taking it down. If I would have left the iron in a little longer, my curls would have been a little tighter, but I wanted a relaxed, beachy style, so I was aiming for a bigger curl size. After I took my hair down, I shook my hair back and forth and loosened the curl, and then ran my fingers through to loosen them a little more and I LOVE the result. 
Sorry for the bathroom selfies, but that’s what you do when it’s nap time and your photographer is at work for another several hours!
Have you ever curled your hair this way? 

This post may contain affiliate links. I received one or more of the above mentioned products complimentary for testing purposes. However, I only recommend products I personally love and use to my readers. 


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