What’s up Wednesday Linkup

What’s up, Wednesday? Oh Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, why do people dislike you so? The time passes simultaneously so fast and slow, that I can hardly keep up with what day it is lately, and they all just kind of meld together. Being mama to H while working from home managing 4 properties and 6 units, with an additional 2 properties with 4 units on the way, blogging, etc is proving to be in.sane. I literally forgot to stop and eat two days last week until after the Hubs got home because of everything I’ve had to do!
When I saw this “What’s up Wednesday” linkup from Ashley, Katie, and Shannon, I thought it’d be a fun and quick way to collect my thoughts and prompt me to take a minute to breathe and reflect. Andplusalso, hello – Shannon from The Hallway and I share the same name, so it’s pretty much fate.

What I loved about the past week // The chaos! As weird as that sounds, I thrive on the hustle and bustle and am loving being back “working” again. Knowing that I’m needed and appreciated, outside the home, in a professional standpoint feels really really good. Plus, I don’t hate that I’m not bringing home a paycheck – wahoo!
I also got together with some of my mommy friends at a local wine bar on Monday night and it. was. awesome. It reminded me that taking some time for myself and getting out with the girls to drink and giggle and relax is good for the soul, and I woke up Tuesday morning feeling SO refreshed. It was like someone hit the reboot button and I felt lighter and less stressed and had an awesome mom day with H.
Donating milk to a friend of a friend who adopted a week old baby boy! I am fortunate to be able to produce more than enough for H, and up until 4 or 5 months ago when I packed the pump away  was pumping milk a few days a week to store up, just in case, and donating along the way to local moms. Is it weird I’m excited to start pumping again? I’m sure the feeling won’t last long, but I’m so excited to help her and her new son, even in this small way.
What I’m looking forward to // So much! The hubby is doing awesome things at work, and is getting recognized because of that, and there are some pretty awesome maybe-possibly-hopeful opportunities that maybe-possibly-hopefully are coming his (read: our) way. 
Not to mention the two trips this month and two trips next month that H and I are going on. I am SO incredibly excited for H and I to meet up with our amazing J14 village and celebrate our first year as parents to these incredible little beings.

What I’m nervous about // Spreading myself too thin with trying to work from home with a baby toddler (still so not used to that) who is so not into independent play, while still maintaining a household. I’m worried I won’t have as much quality time to sit on the floor and play and read with H, and will always be thinking about rent checks and contractor scheduling and grocery shopping, and it makes me feel guilty. 
Attempting to not spend money in February to save for all our trips coming up and life in general. I have a really hard time saying no to a good sale. Or a cute cardigan. Or ankle boots. Or anything H sized. Or wine.
Taxes. #grownup
Getting in enough QT with the Hubs with how little we’ll see each other in February.

So tell me – Wednesday: yay or nay?

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37 thoughts on “What’s up Wednesday Linkup

  1. Congrats on juggling so many things! It was hard for me to go back to work as well but I knew they time away from home would save my sanity and I wanted to keep my career going. Of course I think about my baby the whole time I'm away from her – ha!


  2. Life is so crazy! But I'm glad you have some trips coming up, that will definitely be tons of fun! And yes, it pretty much is fate that we share the same name 🙂 Thanks for linking up! I hope you'll do it again soon!


  3. sounds like you've got a lot going on! I totally feel you on that spreading yourself too thin…but I'm sure things will work out! That is so cool that you're donating milk! I didn't even know you could do that…you're awesome!

    Thanks for linking up with us today! I hope you'll come again next week!


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