What I Wore // Mama Style

Top Knot Headband: Bee Mine Sunshine // Glasses: Coastal // PLM Tee: The LB Brand // 
Zodiac Locket Necklace: Amelia Presents // Ripped Skinny Jeans: similar // Ankle Boots: Sam Edelman
An oversized tee + Skinny jeans + boots + my glasses – hello comfy weekday outfit. This is probably the easiest to pull out of my closet – a no brainer, no muss, no fuss. Once again, I pulled out another top knot headband from my talented mama friend, Marissa of Bee Mine Sunshine to tame my postpartum crazy hair. I love this navy blue and cream triangle fabric – it goes with everything, just like your favorite pair of blue jeans!
I love that this Protector Lover Mother (TM) tee is a relaxed fit and a wide V neck, as it provides an effortless fit and is super easy for breastfeeding. It’s almost embarrassing how often I wear this. Almost. I can’t help myself! It’s so soft and comfy, and helps hide the little extra I have around the middle post-baby. I may or may not sleep in it. 
I actually found these ripped jeans for half off at Savers Thrift store during their memorial day sale, so I scored them for $7! Hallelujah amen for finally getting some jeans that fit to replace my now-too-big-on-me favorite Hudson black ripped jeans that were… much more than these. I think my husband is happiest of all that my jeans don’t give me saggy butt and plumbers crack 😉 
The Sam Edelman Petty Boots are the shoes I pull out for every outfit. Seriously. They go with everything. Dresses, Jeans, Shorts, Yoga Pants, everything. I’m surprised I haven’t worn them out by now with how often I wear them! They are the perfect camel color and got them for a killer deal at the Nordstrom Rack in Portland. These beauties were my stepping stone into the seemingly-scary world of ankle boots and now I’m converted and I’ll never look back (as is evident by the three that showed up on my doorstep this week… ssh…)!
I had to include these – outtake anyone? I definitely don’t know how fashion bloggers do it – I look like I have no arms! While I’m trying to get more comfortable in front of the camera, I think next time I’ll have to be more mindful of the angles haha. 
Do you have a goes-with-everything shoe?

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