What I Wore // Mama Style

Top Knot Headband: Bee Mine Sunshine // Camo Jacket: Thrifted // 
Protector Lover Mother Tee: The LB Brand // Zodiac Locket Necklace: Amelia Presents // 
Skinny Distressed Jeans: Hollister // Black Ankle Booties: Nordstrom Rack

My wonderful husband let me sleep in until almost 11 am this weekend and it was glorious. I felt like a new woman after a rough week full of sleep regression with H. We’ve been so spoiled that he’s such a great sleeper on a day to day basis, that when he has an off day (or week as was the case), it hits us both pretty hard. Now that hubby was back from his work trip, I took full advantage and let him and H do their thing while I caught a few more zzzzzzzzzzzs.

Last week I touched on the sweater + dress + leggings combo, but when your favorite pair of Spanx tights are still in the wash, you adapt and switch things up. This weekend was been all about easy layering with skinny jeans.

When I worked at Nordstrom, they had a dress code policy of “The Rule of 3”, meaning you needed at least 3 key components to your outfit (ex: Blazer + Dress + Belt) in order to look put together, and I’ve tried to adhere to that long after leaving the company. It’s funny how just throwing on a necklace can take an outfit from “eh” to “nooooiiiice”.

This is pretty much what I live in on a day-to-day basis, but with a slight step up. The knot headband is from Bee Mine Sunshine, one of my sweet and incredibly talented mommy friend’s Etsy shops. I love them so much, I actually ended up with 3, of which the other two will be featured very soon. Because they are knotted, they can be tied and re-tied to fit however you’d like, meaning you and your littles can share turbans! This charcoal top knot headband goes with everything in my closet and because of that awesome adjustable feature, is so comfy I can wear it all day with no headache. Head over to Bee Mine Sunshine‘s Etsy shop to check out all her goodies: hair ties, headbands, drooler bibs / scarves, teething necklaces / toys, universal paci clips and clip on bow ties – something for everyone!

Do you have a go-to accessory that elevates your outfit? I’d love to see it / hear about it!

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37 thoughts on “What I Wore // Mama Style

  1. Everything about this look is amazing. Perfect laid back (but made an effort) look. I adore your hair like this too. I look awful with things in my hair! Also, can I please transplant your legs onto me? Very jealous!

    Katie ❤


  2. You look great! I like the concept of the “rule of three” – hadn't really thought about that before, but it's so true that it just takes a couple of key pieces to lift an outfit up 🙂


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