Friday Favorites // Baby Bathtime

Friday Favorites // Baby Bath Time

In the spirit of complete disclosure: H still doesn’t take baths. He hates them with a passion. Loves swimming in the pool and playing in the cats water bowl and pouring the water from the humidifier all over him, but hates bath – weirdo.

With that being said, here are a few of our favorite things for bath (or in H’s case: shower) time:

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Safety Tub and Bath Ducky Set: $17 on Amazon. The boy I used to nanny as well as so many of my mommy friends LOVE this ducky bath. Not only does it save you water by only having to fill the duck versus your tub, but there is a heat indicator on the underside of the ducky telling you when the water is too hot for baby’s sensitive skin.

Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers: $6 at Target. H loves these! All 26 letters as well as numbers 0-9 are included in bright and bold colors and easy-to-grip sizes. These stick to the walls super easily, and H actually just likes to play with them sans-water as well.

Green Toys My First Tugboat: $13.67 on Amazon (Other colors starting at $11). First off – this will always win in my book, because it’s made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that “save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our trusty Tugboat is both good for the earth, and – most importantly – safe for the busy little folks who play there. No BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings. Packaged using only recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks.” This makes my granola heart so happy! Andplusalso, it can be used in and out of the water, and is great for sensory play!

Gaia Organics Shampoo and Body Wash for Kids: Around $19 on Amazon, $15 + ship on Gaia Organic’s website. H has really sensitive skin, so I have to be careful about what products I use on him and myself as well. All the ingredients in Gaia Organic’s shampoo are all natural and organic and are tear free formulas, so I don’t have to worry if anything gets in H’s eyes. Gaia’s wash doesn’t dry out his sensitive skin, even in these extra dry winter months, or cause him to have any reactions – yay! It doesn’t hurt that this smells awesome, and even leaves H and I with a light fragrance after using. I love that it is a natural lilac scent as lilac has been proven to be soothing and calming – perfect for H’s bedtime routine! Another huge plus for me is that it’s made in the USA in smaller batches so they can pay more attention to each batch. Mom confession: I may or may not use this to indulge in a lilac bubble bath with a glass of wine… because it smells that good.

Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Towel and Mitt Set – Monkey: $25 at Target. A few people told me that hooded towels are silly things to buy for babies, because they’re not always as absorbent as regular towels and they’re a smaller size so kids outgrow them pretty fast. However, the cuteness factor outweighs those arguments for me, these animal hooded towels are the most adorable things ever! I love these ones from Skip Hop, as I feel they’re more absorbent than others, and the hood is great to help keep the towel on if you have a wiggler like H.

Do you have any favorite toys or products for baths with your little(s)? I’d love to hear about them!

This post may contain affiliate links. I received one or more of the above mentioned products complimentary for testing purposes. However, I only recommend products I personally love and use to my readers.


17 thoughts on “Friday Favorites // Baby Bathtime

  1. Awwww! Stop it, you're making me think back to when my boys were that little! *sniff* 😉 That is a wonderful time and it sounds like you're handling his dislike of baths well! My middle son was that way – hated baths until he was about 3! He's a little fishy now. 😉


  2. I actually just shower with him! Apparently I used to hate baths when I was little, too, so that's what my parents used to do with me and it was the only thing that worked!
    We've tried infant tubs, baskets, just putting him in the tub by himself or with me in as well and he's just not a fan, it's so weird! He loves the splashing for the first few minutes and then just wants to get out!


  3. Are you still giving him baths in an infant tub? MG started hating baths in her infant tub so we started giving her baths in our big bathtub and she loves them again! I think it's something about being able to sit up and splash that really makes her day!


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