What I wore // Mom Style

Turban: RaynaJaye // Sunglasses: Subsidy Shades // Sweater: Thrifted // Tank dress: Nordstrom (similar) // 
Tights: Spanx // Boots: Nordstrom (similar) // Texting Gloves: Amazon
I’m trying to make more of an effort this year to get dressed (read: not just change from sweat pants to clean yoga pants). I’ve noticed that when I get ready, even if it’s just throwing on a pair of jeans and a tee and putting on a little mascara after washing my face, I not only feel more ready for the day, but I also feel better about myself. Four days a week may not seem like a lot, but that’s the weekly “get dressed” goal I’ve set for myself!
This weather is so dark and gross that I’ve noticed it’s even harder to want to change out of my cozy sweats and yoga pants, so I try to make the easiest possible go-to outfits possible that are still comfortable, but look much more put together. The final caveat is that since I’m still nursing, and I baby wear so often, I need something that gives Harrison easy access to breastfeed.
So, the basic equation for my new go-to outfit is this: some type of headware + a big comfy sweater + a tank dress (of which I have about 12, it’s kind of ridiculous) + tights / leggings + boots + these SmartTech gloves
I used to just add whatever gloves I could find in our coat closet, but since I’m on my phone so much for personal and business use, I realized taking my gloves off every 5 seconds to answer the phone or construct a new email to an electrician was getting old, fast. I love that these texting gloves aren’t visually obtrusive, so they go with everything and are really comfortable and the perfect weight for the weather. The only downside is that since they’re so neutral, my hubby loves to “borrow” them!
I do want to add in more accessories, but scarves and necklaces and earrings are really hard for me to pull off while wearing H, since he’s so grabby! I’m hoping I’ll be able to start back-carrying him more often and then will be able to add a little more pizzaz. Overall, I think it looks a little better than what I sleep in, right? 😉 
So tell me – what’s your go-to outfit equation?
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32 thoughts on “What I wore // Mom Style

  1. This is an adorable outfit! I work from home and stay with my toddler, so I'm all about something comfortable that I can move around in: jeans, sweatshirts, boots. I'll switch the sweatshirt for a sweater (fancy!) when we go out to the store, but overall, I really need to update my wardrobe. Love this!


  2. So cute…I am all about comfort…for me it isn't what I am wearing…but if I get up and put makeup on…then I usually am very productive…even if I am wearing yoga pants!


  3. Sadly, my go-to is not nearly so cute! I live in those Target long and lean tanks, jeans and sweatshirt. Occasionally when I'm feeling a bit spunky I have a couple button-ups or a chunky sweater but let's face it… buttons get old after about the millionth nursing session of on-off-on-off the boob and I cannot seem to keep the velcro from my Grovia diapers from snagging on my sweater at every. single. diaper. change!


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