Monday Introductions // Rescued Rumps + a Giveaway!

I’m so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite new shops, Rescued Rumps! I discovered Janelle’s shop about 8 months ago on Instagram after starting our cloth diapering journey and getting frustrated that none of harrison’s pants were fitting him correctly. If you cloth diaper, you know what I’m talking about: you usually will have to go up at least one size to accommodate the extra fluff in the booty, but then the legs are too long and have to be cuffed, which looks terrible, and sometimes you end up with excess fabric around the waist and legs which looks even worse. Plus, babies grow out of everything so fast you feel like you’re constantly having to buy new things, which is hard when you’re on a budget! 

Rescued Rump has an easy solution to this: her Grow With Me pants (also known as Maxaloone pants)! These super cute and comfy Maxaloones fit a wide range of sizes, which means one pair can last you up to 4 years! FOUR YEARS PEOPLE!
There are 4 different sizes: NB which fits 3-6 months approx, Size 1 Mini fits 3-18m, Size 2 Original fits 6m-3y and size 3 Maxi fits 1y-5y!
We have the Size 2 Original for Harrison and they are perfection! There are so many reasons why I’m in love with these Grow With Me pants, but the number one reason has to be the fit. A supermom of SIX, Janelle is amazing at what she does and is such a talented seamstress. These are the only pair of pants that we have that can accommodate Harrison’s thunder thighs and fluffy bum and that don’t stretch out. I could talk about how amazing the fit is a l l d a y. Because of the adjustable waist band and leg bands, I can roll them up or down as he grows and leans out, without there being any bulky fabric, and there is no slipping or bunching of the waist or leg bands!

Not only are these amazing for cloth diapering families, but they’re great for baby wearing families too! If you’ve ever put your little one in a carrier, you know that their pant legs tend to ride up, leaving their poor little ankles exposed to the elements. With Rescued Rump‘s Grow With Me pants, all you have to do is roll the cuff down a little to keep your baby or toddler warm!

Whether you cloth diaper or not, you will love these adorable Maxaloones for your little one!

Read on to find out a little more about Janelle and her shop and enter to WIN any pair of Grow With Me pants in her Ready to Ship selection on her website!

Rescued Rumps: Shop / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest

Who are you? I am a mother, wife, business owner that loves my coffee and being creative.

What made you start Rescued Rumps? I loved cloth diapering my baby (at the time) and could not find a designer diaper that I loved, that worked and that was organic. I created cute cloth diaper that was eco friendly, and earth healthy. As my daughter potty learned RR evolved to offer a more universal product. We have always been a fan of Maxaloones Pants, I call them “Grow with me Pants” and have made several pairs for my little ones. I had countless comments and friends, strangers asking me to make them some, however many wanted them for non cloth bums so I made both “bum circle” & “no bum circle” styles and offered them….they are my #1 seller and I see no end to that. The grow with me pant is exactly that it grows with the child and can be passed down to other children. One thing I personally love about them is I keep a pair in my car, you never know when my 2.5 year old or 5 year old will have an oops moment and well I only need 1 pair of pants to keep my car tidy—well as possible with 5 its a tough one but every bit counts, right?

Where / how did you come up with the name? I wanted something fun, meaningful and catchy. I woke up one day and thought Rescued Rumps ( saving one rump at a time) and I went with it Rescued because I am saving and Rumps well that is self explanatory.

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration? My mother who passed away in 2012, she was my motivator and always told me follow my dreams…so (this is my “about me” on my main website: I am passionate about being eco-friendly & earth healthy. I love cloth diapering, crafting, designing, shopping & Starbucks.
Rescued Rumps was a sudden thought I had upon waking up one morning (Monday July 22, 2013). I decided I could do all the things I am passionate about spread the cuteness of my creativity & love for what I do.I have worked countless hours on research, design & production to bring you nothing but the best: customer service, appealing cloth diapers, accessories & more.I hope you enjoy Rescued Rumps as much as I do.Feel free to send me a message—I LOVE feedback!!Shop, love, wear…repeat!

Have you always been interested in fashion and sewing? My mom bought me my first sewing machine on my 13th Birthday and I still have it I was taught by my late grandmother and love bringing a boring piece of fabric to life. I love designing since I am a very creative person, I design on CS5 including my tops (Breastfeeding, CHD support and fun seasonal tops as well) I can’t hand draw to save my life.

When you’re not busy being super mom, what could we find you doing? I am usually working on something for RR when I am not, Im enjoying my littles, drinking coffee LOTS of coffee, running errands, buying fabric (I have a sick stash) event planning, I hosted in 2014 The Great Cloth Diaper Change and The Big Latch On and I am in the planning stages for the GCDC2105 already. I really don’t take much time for me, my social life has sadly diminished, social media is my outlet. I also love Survivor, Shark Tank and Orange is the New Black.

What has been your favorite piece so far? Oh that is a tough one I love each piece if I had to chose I would say my one of a kind Raglan top with reverse applique, bow and matching ruffle cloth diaper. As for the “Grow with me Pants” my favorite material is the black with white stars its universal and matched so many cute tops. I am so sad its been out of stock for a long time…I will be printing my own so I can start sewing up some more “Grow with me pants” in them. 

Any sneak peaks or hints to new designs you’re thinking of? I just released several Valentine tops other then that I never know what I will do until it happens 🙂 

Anything else you’d like us to know? I am impulsive it I think of something I need to do it NOW or it won’t get done 🙂 

And just for fun, If you were to try out for The Voice, what song would you pick to sing? Ok well I don’t even listen to music other then in the car so I have no clue. 

Supermom, right?! I know you’ll love your Grow With Me pants from Rafflecopter, so click below to enter!

The giveaway will run from 12am EST Monday January 5th, to 12am EST Monday January 12th, 2015. Open to US and Canada, ages 18+. If winner lives in Canada, must cover shipping charges.
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36 thoughts on “Monday Introductions // Rescued Rumps + a Giveaway!

  1. These look and sound amazing. Love the fact that they grow with the baby! My mum had us in cloth nappies because they didn't have enough money for the disposable version. She said she hated them haha! I can't believe the trousers fit such a range of sizes!

    Katie ❤


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