Happy 11 Months!

Cozy Hood (RadRevo) // Jean Jacket (Levis) // Raglan (Mama Said Tees) // Pants (H&M) // Moccasins (Freshly Picked)

One of these days, I’ll be on top of his monthly updates again – right?
This kid never stops moving! Month 11 passed by faster than the blink of an eye, and I can’t believe I almost have a one year old… So much has happened in this last month:

  • I’ve lost count of how many airplanes and airports and road trips this trooper has been on and to. 
  • We flew to VA to visit my grandparents and family for a week! It was great to have longer than a few days so we could really relax and hang out with GG and Gpa. H loved playing and chewing on my grandparents collection of wooden ducks – just like all of us grandkids did when we were younger, and H was a hit at their retirement community. All the little ladies stopped us in the hallways to chat with H and he was more than happy to give them lots of smiles and bashful glances. 
  • H visited a few of my favorite spots growing up – my old house, my PreSchool, Middle and High School, Georgetown and several places in D.C.
  • He finally got his first tooth! After what felt like months and months of teething, his front right tooth broke through and his front right is starting to peek out – now no food is safe!
  • He has discovered Peekaboo, and dude loves to play it constantly!
  • He loves giving me big, wet, open mouth kisses. 
  • Not only that, but he loves blowing kisses now too!
  • He had his first Thanksgiving and vetoed all the foods.
  • He partook in his first Black Friday (parents of the year? Yep.)
  • He used crayons to color for the first time – but mostly just wanted to eat them.
  • Another one of his favorite new games is to pull every paper and magazine and thing off of tables, shelves, folders, etc and throw them around the room and step on them.
  • He loves crawling up the stairs.
  • He thinks its hilarious when Zach or I try to do crawl races with him. 
  • Toilet paper is pretty fun to unroll and eat.
  • The stroller is his nemesis but he loves going on walks in the LilleBaby and Ergo. 
  • We spent our first night(s) apart, and I’m sure it was harder on us than it was on H, who was too busy having a ball with his Grammy Lane and Grampa Peterson to even think about missing mom and dad.
  • Laying and sitting are for the birds. All he wants to do is stand up and open every door he can.
  • He loves to dance and shake his bottom when music comes on – it’s the cutest thing. Ever.
  • He is loving all the road work we’re having done on our street! Watching the trucks and construction workers is an instant attention grabber / distractor / soother. Except when they’re jackhammering while he’s trying to sleep. Then, he hates those men in the orange vests.
  • He wants to eat all the foods (and non foods), all the time and rather than using his pincer grasp to bring food to his mouth, he has started bending over his food tray and hovering up his food, or shoveling it into his mouth. 
  • He could probably read for hours and is totally content to sit with me and point at the pictures as I read along. I love this and so hope he keeps this love of books!
  • He has started waving when we say “bye bye”.

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