Evergreen Nature’s One A Day Prenatal Vitamins

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember that my hubby and I went to Las Vegas last weekend to celebrate his birthday and to get out of town for a little. It was such a fun trip but it was also the first time we left the baby and since we were gone for three days and three nights, this mama had to bring along the Medela and pump for the first time in months – ugh.
I don’t know how pumping mamas do it – I put it away a little bit after H turned 6 months since he has been refusing bottles and I felt like a slave to the machine the entire time we were away. Because I was just maintaining my supply and not trying to boost it, I only pumped about 4 times a day, but the putting together of the parts, act of pumping, putting away milk and cleaning pump parts seemed like it took for-ev-er, and I wanted to pull my hair out. I was worried about how my body would respond to pumping since it had been so long and H is still one of those all-day-long nursing types, so I decided to be proactive and started on a prenatal a few days before we left.

I chose this Prenatal Vitamin by Evergreen Nature from Amazon because of a few different factors:

  • It’s a One A Day, meaning my sometimes-frazzled mom brain doesn’t have to try to remember more than one dose. 
  • They are free of milk, lactose and sugar – all of which H has a reaction to. 
  • There are no artificial flavorings.
  • Only $25 for a three month supply – that’s about what I was paying for a one month supply at my local specialty store.
  • It has great reviews and a money back guarantee. 

Our first day in Vegas, I had only been taking the vitamins for three days, so I was curious to see if there was any change in my pumping output. I pumped on Tuesday and Wednesday, once in the morning to try to get my body used to the act of pumping again and each time I pumped while in Vegas Thursday through Sunday, I made note of how long I pumped and the amount of milk I expressed and compared the numbers at the end of our trip. By Friday, day 5 of taking the prenatals, I was getting 1oz – 3oz more of milk per pump. That may not sound like much, but trust me – it’s huge!
After two weeks of use, I’ve been really happy with them! Unlike the previous Prenatals I was taking while pregnant, these from Evergreen don’t leave a yucky aftertaste and are so easy to swallow. They provide the full daily recommended amount of folic acid for pregnant moms and is an amazing value for the quality ingredients and money. 

Why am I still taking Prenatal vitamins at 11 months postpartum?
While I’m not pregnant, I am still breastfeeding H, so I am very conscious of everything I put into my body and I want to continue to take vitamins as they ensure I’m getting proper and essential vitamins and minerals (especially on the more hectic days where I can’t promise I’m getting enough to eat). Many women can get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from their diet if they’re eating well balanced meals and snacks, but that can be really hard to do when taking care of a baby, running errands, working, etc. Many women lack iron, before, during, and after having a child, and since we lose blood every month while menstruating (and lose quite a lot during childbirth), most have reduced or insufficient iron stores during childbearing years.
Like I mentioned above, H has reactions to dairy, sugar and gluten, and its so hard to find supplements that I can take that don’t contain any of those ingredients and are still soft on my stomach, so I love that Evergreen’s Prenatals won’t make either of us sick. It’s recommended that nursing mothers intake 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day, and since I can’t eat or drink milk products, that’s really hard for me to accomplish on my own. These prenatals have 200mg, so I already start my day with 1/5th of what I need taken care of in one easy swallow. 

As an added bonus, I’ve noticed that my thin and frizzy postpartum hair seems to be less frizzy, even with the wet winter weather we’ve been having lately. My nails are also probably the strongest and nicest looking they’ve ever been and aren’t splitting or breaking as easily as they used to, and I swear my eyelashes are longer too! Also, as many postpartum moms know, hormones were making my skin do crazy things, but in the last two weeks of taking these prenatals and using my facial sponge (more on that later), I’ve noticed my skin clearing up a ton – yay! 

Want to check them out for yourself? Click here: Prenatal Vitamins One A Day Best Formula Including 100% RDA Folic Acid 800mcg Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Iron & Zinc Easy to Swallow Take Before During & Post Pregnancy IVF and Breastfeeding Good Prenatal Vitamins for Both Mom & Baby Made in the USA in a Certified GMP Facility 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

While I did receive one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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