Citrus Lane November Box Review (and coupon code)

citrus lane review
Citrus Lane is a baby-geared subscription box service. Depending on what plan you choose, it ranges from $19 (annual subscription) – $29 (monthly subscription) per month regularly, but if you sign up for their newsletter, or use a referral code, you can get it for less.
You head to the website, give them your child’s name, birthday and gender, and they hand pick “the best toys and products” for your child’s age. You can check out examples of products that are geared towards your child’s age group, purchase “shower boxes” and even gift subscriptions! My favorite aspect is the “add to box” where you can choose items that will ship for free with your monthly box. I was given a $10 off code when I first signed up to use towards an Add To Box purchase and bought H some stackable cups (that have quickly become his new favorite!) from Green Toys which only ended up costing me $.95 after my coupon!
This November box was my fifth box so far, and it was kind of “eh” for me and definitely not as awesome as Septembers. This month we were given bibs, a musical toy, a book and a food sample along with a note from Citrus Lane that read “Hello From Citrus Lane. This box includes some of our favorite things for babies who are just beginning to explore their world. We’ve selected a beautiful wooden toy, unique board book and a custom set of colorful bibs. These are our “go-to” items for our children, and we’re excited to be able to share them with you.”

Bumkins Super Bib 2-pack  ($12.95): These are okay. Not terrible, but not great. Unfortunately, H has become a master of removing anything that has velcro on it, so these bibs are pretty useless for us right now. I do love that they have the little pocket at the bottom though, because for the 2 minutes they stay on, most of the food droplets are collected in the pouch rather than sprinkled on the floor. 
Plan Toys Roller  ($8.95 – $12): I love that this is a handmade wooden toy, but H doesn’t seem to have much interest in it right now. Maybe if it made more noise, he would be more into it, but unfortunately, the single bell is barely audible. The colors are bright and attractive, and the few times that H has figured out how to roll it on the floor he has been pretty happy about it and will chase it around.
Fast and Slow by Britta Teckentrup  ($6.99): Another great kids book with big, colorful pictures and sturdy cardboard construction. I love the illustrations in this one and H loves to point along as I read. 
Plum Organics Hello Morning blueberry, banana & quinoa oatmeal ($1): We haven’t sampled this yet, as H has no interest in learning how to use a spoon and is not a huge fan of being fed right now, so it’ll go in the pantry for another day. I do appreciate that it’s organic, GMO free, unsweetened and has no artificial ingredients – just organic baby oats, organic banana, organic quinoa cereal, organic blueberries, organic chia seeds, and organic nutmeg. 
I also picked up a Skip Hop Hedgehog Straw Bottle ($6) and an Oogaa Baby mealtime set ($16.95-$20.99) since I had a coupon code. H loves his Oogaa truck spoon that we got in our first Citrus Lane box, so when I saw they were on sale, I had to grab the mealtime set to add to our collection since H is starting to be a little more regular about his solids intake. He’s still not a huge fan of bottles, so this Skip Hop Straw Bottle is on the list to try next – fingers crossed! 
Total value of box: $29.89 – 33.89 plus $26.99 for the add ons =$56.88 – $60.88
Total paid for box: $15 plus $17.95 for add ons =$32.95
I am legitimately one of the cheapest people on the planet and hate spending money (although it may not seem like it ;)) and even on months that I haven’t loved everything, like this month, I’ve always gotten a really great value. I’m do keep some of the toys “hidden” from H for a little while, so that I can start to rotate out what he has now and keep things “fresh” and save a few for Christmas. I also love that I’m getting “green” toys and things that don’t require batteries and make obnoxious noises. I was not overly impressed with this months items. H doesn’t really seem to have any interest in the Plan Toys roller most of the time and rips off the Bumkins bibs super easily, but he does like to look at the book while I read it with him. This box also seems too young for H, as he’s almost a year and I feel that these are more tailored to a 6 month old. It was an “eh” month for us on this one, so I would give November’s box a 6/10 for effort.
Want to try it out yourself? Head over to Citrus Lane and get 50% off your first box!

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