Khaki and Chrome Review + Giveaway!

I am so excited about today’s review and giveaway! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the ridiculously adorable beanies and knit bandana I’ve been putting Harrison in. They are from Khaki and Chrome, an Etsy shop that sells handmade knit items for “stylish little ones and their moms“, although I think dads could totally rock them as well!

I received the Graphite Children’s Knit Slouchy Beanie and Bandana set and the Children’s Knit Beanie with Neon Pom. I knew as soon as I opened the package, that I was in love! Harrison is normally not a huge fan of wearing hats, and typically will fuss and try to rip them off his head as soon as I put one on so I was curious to see how he did with these. He must have loved them as much as I did, because he actually let me put them on and didn’t yank it off!

The beanies and bandana are handmade by Mariah with super soft acrylic yarn and are (my favorite part) machine washable! The finishing is gorgeous and everything is so well made that even my Martha Stewart-esque mother, who has been knitting for more years than she would appreciate me sharing, commented on the amazing craftsmanship. Since the hats and bandana arrived about a week ago, Harrison has been wearing them every day, and everything is holding up beautifully. There are no pulled threads or pilling or any compromises whatsoever, which is super impressive when you’re baby is the second coming of the hulk / tasmanian devil and is super rough on everything.

I have had so much fun styling him in these, and the hats are the perfect accessory for baby wearing in the cold weather to keep your little one’s ears and head warm. Every time I put Harrison in one of the hats and banana and we go out to run errands, I’m always stopped by several people who tell me how cute Harrison looks in his hats, and I couldn’t agree more!

For today, 11/28/14 only, use the code: BLACKFRIDAY for 15% off EVERYTHING in Mariah’s Etsy shop, and tomorrow 11/29, for Small Business Saturday, follow Khaki and Chrome on Instagram for Flash Sales!

Mariah is such a talented mama of two (with one on the way!) and makes the most gorgeous hand knit accessories, and she is graciously giving away a slouchy beanie and bandana set in any color of choice! Enter through the Rafflecopter below, and good luck!

Don’t want to wait until the giveaway is over to pick up a few things from Mariah’s shop? Use code: MUCHMOSTDARLING to save 10% off your purchase!

Who are you?
I am Mariah Rockwell, a 28-year-old of 2 (soon-to-be 3) girls from Midwest City, OK. I studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland for photography (my photography account is @brassbirdphotography) and at the University of Central Oklahoma for Special Eductaion. I have known my husband since I was 12 and we have a story that could rival The Notebook!

What made you start Khaki and Chrome?
When I was in Portland I worked at a yarn store as a crochet instructor and the girls I worked with taught me to knit. I love both mediums, but primarily knit. I have self-diagnosed ADHD and always have to be doing something with my hands. I started making things for myself and then for my girls when they were born and decided to start selling some things instead of hoarding them all!

Where / how did you come up with the name?
My house is very-much-so a contrast between neutral colors and pops of chrome, bling and color, so I thought the name was fitting. Plus, I love alliteration! #nerdalert

What (or who) has been your biggest inspiration?
Oh, that’s tough! I am inspired by so many great artists of all mediums on Instagram. I’m also inspired by my girls who love modeling everything I make.

Have you always been interested in fashion?
I have been in love with editorial fashion for a long time and that helped create my love of photography and design. I love putting together an outfit and seeing how accessories complete it.

As a mom (of two + one in the oven!), how do you balance everything?!
This is such a tough question and one I struggle with constantly. I am trying to get better at designating “no technology” times and concentrate on just being in the moment with the girls. I work during nap times and after bed time, but I have also learned that sometimes you just need to put it down and get some sleep. The work will be there tomorrow.

When you’re not busy being super mom, where could we find you?
Haha I am a coffee addict, so probably Starbucks or supporting the prosperity of Target. Or behind the computer editing photos.

What has been your favorite piece so far?
I would say my newest design, the kids’ slouchy beanie. It looks adorable on any boy or girl!

Any sneak peaks or hints to new designs you’re thinking of?
I have some ideas for different types of wall hangings and a couple other ideas that I’ll start developing after the Christmas rush!

Anything else you’d like us to know?
I’d like everyone to know that I will be adding a ton of new stuff to the shop in the next 36 hours and then everything will be 15% off in the shop for Black Friday and if you follow me on Instagram I’ll be having flash sales for Small Business Saturday!

And just for fun, If you were to try out for The Voice, what song would you pick to sing?

I love this question! My husband and I have discussed this before and I would choose “The Devil’s Backbone” by The Civil Wars.

For the boring fine print stuff: Enter above, and don’t forget to read the instructions and follow the directions, as entries will be verified. In order to be eligible, you must be following myself and Khaki & Chrome on Instagram and/or Facebook and repost the giveaway image with the hashtag #KhakiChromeDarling. You may repost once a day, and tag up to 10 friends total on the original giveaway picture on Instagram for extra entries! Giveaway only accounts won’t be considered and I can only see your post if your profile is public. If your profile is private, please make it public starting at 11:59pm EST on 12/05/14 and until the winner has been announced on 12/06/14 so that your entries count!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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14 thoughts on “Khaki and Chrome Review + Giveaway!

  1. It's so hard to choose! I think I would go with the graphite. Or the maybe the gold. I think these would be so cute on my boy! Hope we win!!


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