Hunt|West Clothing Review & Giveaway!

HuntWest clothing review and giveawayIt’s no secret I have a  bit of a shopping problem, and baby clothes are my kryptonite. I can’t help myself – everything is so much more adorable in itty bitty sizes, and I get so excited when I find things that not only make H look like a super stud, but are also stylish! Hunt|West Clothing is all of the above and more.
When I saw this ridiculously amazing “Boy” thinking web tee, I just about swooned. I have never seen anything like their design, and I love that it describes H so well: “stinky, strong, tough, dirty, ROWDY, courageous, loud, adventurous, WILD, silly, rebellious, BRAVE”. Did I mention he loves eating bark, dancing, screeching, giggling and crawling at the speed of light? It seriously feels like the shirt was made for him. The tee is also so, so, so soft! I’m very conscious of the fabrics I put against H’s sensitive skin, and was happily surprised by how well it washed as well. I had no shrinkage or peeling / pulling of the print at all and it was still super soft! (They are printed on American Apparel tees, so I always recommend washing inside out on the cold cycle and hanging or laying flat to dry.)
how cool does H look in his subsidy shades and hunt west boys thinking web tee?!
I would love for one of you to add one of Hunt|West’s rad tees to your child’s wardrobe! Enter through the Rafflecopter giveaway link below, and good luck!
They also have these incredible “no tie” reversible bibdanas: Rather than fiddling with snaps, velcro or ties, you simply pull one side through a button hole on the reverse side – that’s it! That means you can get a super customizable size depending on if you have a no-necked quadruple chin little babe and need a little more fabric, or a petite little prince or princess and need it to fit a little smaller, all in one piece.
Who are you?
We’re two working mamas, who absolutely adore styling and dressing our baby boys! We’ve been friends for over ten years and ended up having our boy’s within 9 weeks of each other! Our husband’s have been friends since High school and we’ve been dating them since then, so the four of us have been close for a long time…it was only natural we would get pregnant within two months of each other! We are honestly your ordinary, easy-going(crazy at times 😜) So Cal mom’s!
What made you start Hunt|West Clothing?
We started Hunt|West because we honestly found it hard to style and dress a boy! We would walk into a clothing store and there would be a HUGE section for little girls, and in the back corner there would be this tiny(picked-over) rack of boy clothes! We, as mama’s, LOVE styling and dressing our son’s in cute, funky stuff! Plus our husband’s are somewhat of fashionista’s themselves! 😉 We started Hunt|West with that initial inspiration but it took off from there! As we started getting into it we found that we loved designing and styling kids clothes…boy or girl!
How did you come up with the name?
The name Hunt|West was simple! One of our little boy’s name is Hunter and the other’s is Weston! Hunt|West!
What (or who) has been your biggest inspiration?
Our little guys of course! It took both of us a while to get pregnant; we wanted babies when we were babies ourselves lol. So when we were finally blessed with these two they became our whole world.   We couldn’t wait to shop for baby clothes for our little guys! They are completely our inspiration’s, not just with hunt|west, but in so many other areas in our lives too.
Have you always been interested in fashion?
To a degree yes, one of us is a hairstylist in Newport Beach, so you have to love fashion for that industry and the other has been working at a children’s clothing boutique for years!
As moms, how do you balance everything?!
It’s hard!!! People were not lying when they said kids would change your life! Lol. Especially when you’re working too! But honestly, waking up every morning to our little boys and putting them to sleep every night makes everything doable and worth it. Plus we both have amazing husbands who help us daily. We don’t know who or where we would be without them. We LOVE what we’re doing with Hunt|West, we’ve always dreamed of doing something like this, especially together! So working on this new venture has been easy, worthwhile, and just plain FUN!
When you’re not busy being super mom, where could we find you?
We don’t want to have to say “working,” but it’s true! When were not working, we spend our time with our families. Our favorite nights are the one’s at home with our babe’s and husband’s…and maybe a glass of wine too!
What has been your favorite piece so far?
Probably our “boy” tee. Only because it’s been the inspiration behind the whole line! Plus it just describes our little guys, and all boys out there, so perfectly!
Any sneak peaks or hints to new designs you’re thinking of?
We are constantly coming up with new ideas and thoughts! We text each other waaaaay too many times throughout the day with “what do you think of this?!””how about this?!” Right now we are working on something for the little GIRLS out there! Plus we’ve got some rad designs coming out before Christmas! Some awesome, colder apparel!
Anything else you’d like us to know?
That we’re always open! Open for thoughts, ideas, questions, whatever! This is all completely new to us so we love hearing what you like or don’t like!
And just for fun, If you were to try out for The Voice, what song would you pick to sing?
We both actually love The Voice!!! But what song…not sure! I guess we would both say that it would be a Garth Brooks song lol. We’re both huge fan’s of not only him, but country music in general! There would definitely not be ONE chair to turn around for us however. We’re horrible singers!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
For the boring fine print stuff: Enter above, and don’t forget to read the instructions and follow the directions, as entries will be verified. In order to be eligible, you must be following myself and Hunt|West on Instagram and repost the giveaway image with the hashtag #HuntWestDarling. You may repost once a day, and tag friends on the original giveaway picture on Instagram! Giveaway only accounts won’t be considered and I can only see your post if your profile is public. If your profile is private, please make it public starting at 11:59pm EST on 11/20/14 and until the winner has been announced on 11/21/14 so that your entries count!

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