9 Months!


 Hat: H&M // Tee: Mama Said Tees // Pants: Gap // Shoes: Converse

Height: 30 in
Weight: 24.5 in
Wearing: 18m
Teeth: 0

Tuesday, October 14th 2014 – as of 5:59pm MST, Harrison Edwin was 9 months (and 39 weeks) old. I want to call this his equinox birthday, as he has officially been on the outside as long as the “inside”! Our little chunk is still chunky as ever, but leaning out a little due to his constant motion, and brings so much joy (and craziness) into our lives every minute of every day. Some days are better than others and I feel like supermom – getting H down for naps seamlessly, making dinner and doing laundry while deep cleaning the bathroom and putting on real clothes after brushing my teeth and washing my face, but those are still few and far between. Mostly I’m crazily trying to tidy up what messes we created while he was awake and tackling the ever-growing piles of little person laundry and keeping as much dirt and bark out of H’s mouth as possible.

It seems crazy to think he’s been here for 9 months already, it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but I also can’t even remember what I did with my days before having him. I love experiencing life through Harrison’s eyes, it reminds me to stop and enjoy the littler things in life – like how he giggles and claps when the tree leaves blow in the wind, and I am so thankful to him for showing me that.

Also? I realized I’m terrible at measuring H – last month I measured him at 32.5 inches, but apparently he’s actually only 30 – whoops!

A few happenings from this month:

  • Still no crawling (thank goodness), but he wants to so badly! He loves getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth and has started planking.
  • We’ve come to get him several mornings and found him sitting up on his bottom, so apparently he knows how to roll from his back to his front and push up onto his bum!
  • He can right himself really well if he starts tipping over.
  • While he isn’t pulling himself up (again, thank goodness), he can stand unassisted for the most part while holding onto the edge of the sofa or a table!
  • He still loves clapping all day, especially when he’s happy or excited or really really loves whatever food he’s eating.
  • He has been teething like crazy, but still no teeth, so I’m pretty sure we’re in teething purgatory and I’m so ready for something to just pop through.
  • Even though he’s been pretty miserable, we’ve been getting the BEST and BIGGEST smiles! He loves when we sing to him or when I throw him up in the air, and giggles when tickled.
  • He’s totally starting to copy our movements! If I put my hands in the air and shake them around, he’ll throw his hands up and wave them while making crazy noises, it’s SO fun!
  • Holding him is getting pretty difficult as we have become his personal climbing gyms and his life goal is to conquer “Mount Mama” & “Mount Daddy”.
  • He was on a food strike for a while, but is slowly starting to put the food in his mouth again. For a while, he would just play and smoosh it in his hands, and then throw it on the ground.
  • He is starting to get major stranger danger, and only want to be held by myself, Zach, or his grammy and grampa. It’s adorable, because when we’re walking around holding him and he sees people he doesn’t know, he’ll bury his head in my chest to hide himself, and then peek to see if anyones still there. Ugh, my heart melts when he nuzzles into me for safety.
  • He’s starting to get object permanence! If I hide a toy under a blanket, his eyes will follow what I’m doing, and then he’ll lean over and pick up the blanket to find the hidden object!
  • Especially at meals, he moves things from one hand to another really seamlessly.

September 15 – 21

September 22 – 28

September 29 – October 5

October 6 – 14

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