Snack Box Review (and coupon code!)

graze review is a newer subscription box for healthy (and healthy-ish) snacks delivered to your home or office every week, every two weeks, or whenever you so choose. The price per box is $6.49, which includes shipping, and you can choose from a “nibble box” and pick from over 100 different snack varieties, or a “calorie counter box” where each of your total servings is less than 150 calories. You can also go to your “dietary preference” page and “trash” (meaning you will never receive) snacks with ingredients that you don’t eat and customize your flavor preferences.

Once signed up, you can peruse the 100+ snacks which range from dried fruits and nuts to merengue and shortbread, and choose to “trash“: never send me this, “try“: happy to try, “like“: send occasionally, or “love“: send regularly, each selection. After completing your flavor profile and scheduling your first box, you will begin to receive a wonderful little 100% recyclable (my crunchy little heart just loves this aspect) box containing 4 one-serving sized snacks! Once trying your selections, you can log back into your Graze account and give feedback on the snacks you’ve just tried.

Your interest piqued yet? If so, head over to Graze and use code: ZYVPYRK2P to get your 1st (and 5th if you decide to continue the deliveries) absolutely FREE!

I am super obnoxious and made life difficult for Graze by choosing to “trash” spicy foods, foods requiring a microwave, and 99% of the snacks that contained dairy since H hasn’t grown out of his diary intolerance yet. I also “trashed” anything with white or milk chocolate or that sounded too sweet. To my surprise, with all of those contingencies, I only got rid of 60 of the 100  current options so there were still plenty of snacks to choose from. I did make a note that I loved dried fruits, especially mango, in hopes that they’d send me some in my box.

So here’s what I was sent:


Salsa Corn Chips: Mini flax nachos and tomato salsa fresca.
Verdict: LOVE. I mean, chips and salsa? How can you go wrong? I’m glad this is a portion controlled size, because I easily could’ve eaten an embarrassing amount of these chips and the cilantro and lime salsa. Random thought for these guys: flaxseed is great for breastfeeding moms, so really, by eating these, I’m just helping out my supply!

Garden of England: mini strawberries, blackcurrants and soft apple pieces.
Verdict: LOVE. I’m an apple fiend, so no surprise that I enjoyed the dried apple, but I was happy that they were flavorful and not overly soggy or dry. The strawberries were delicious and tasted like my favorite fruit leathers. I’ve never had blackcurrant before, but I may have found a new favorite! They are slightly tangy and almost remind me of a dried cranberry / blueberry, and did I mention delicious?

Summer Berry Flapjack: rustic rolled oat flapjack with strawberry and raspberry-infused cranberries.
Verdict: LOVE. SO yummy! There are actually three small bars in the one container and is so incredibly moist and delicious! It reminds me of strawberries and cream granola and similar to a Chewy granola bar, but it’s softer and the perfect amount of sweet, but not overbearingly so.

Bananas Foster: fudge pieces, honey almond slivers, pumpkin seeds, and dried banana.
Verdict: LIKE. This was a little sweeter than I usually like, but the flavors were delicious. I had a nice surprise when biting into the banana coins as they were chewy rather than the hard and crunchy that I’m used to in most dried fruit mixes. With the almond slivers and pumpkin seeds, there was a nice balance of sweet, salty, crunchy and chewy. The only reason I’m giving it a like rather than love is the sweetness factor is a bit much for me, but the flavors were pretty delicious.

graze review and coupon code

I have set up another box to be delivered to my house in two weeks because I enjoyed the snacks so much. I like that they’re all individually wrapped, because that means I can throw them in my diaper bag and have a healthy snack to reach for, rather than feeling compelled to stop and pick up fast food. Want to join in on the deliciousness? Head over to Graze and use code: ZYVPYRK2P to get your 1st (and 5th if you decide to continue the deliveries) absolutely FREE!

You can cancel at any time after receiving your first box, but here’s my thinking:
– Each box is $6.49, but you only pay for 3 (box 2, 3 and 4) and get 5.
– Your total for 5 boxes is $19.47.
– Which means each box is only $3.89.
– Which means each serving is only $0.97!
I definitely couldn’t get that good of a deal at any of my local stores – especially if you factor in gas and the “emotional taxing” of wrangling an 8 month old ;).

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