8 Months!

H 8 months old

 Tank: Gap// Shorts: Carters // Shoes: Converse

Height: 32.25 inches
Weight: about 24.5 lbs
Wearing: 12-18m clothing, but definitely more towards the 18
Teeth: Still nothing!

What the heck?! Three quarters of a year – gone, when did that happen?

A few happenings from this month:

  • H has become an excellent napper and I’m continually pinching myself for how lucky we are that this boy loves sleep.
  • Still no crawling yet (thank goodness! I’m not ready to baby proof yet!), but in the last  few days, he has started preferring spending time on his tummy and has been kicking his legs behind him.
  • Baby led weaning is going fantastically. This kid would eat all day if it were up to him! His new favorites are raspberries, green beans, asparagus and lamb gyros.
  • He is so incredibly sturdy when sitting up it blows my mind. I remember a few months ago when he could barely sit up and now he can right himself if he starts to topple over!
  • He loves singing to music, especially while sitting in his high chair as I’m making him something to eat.
  • He still reaches for me if anyone else is holding him, and it still melts my heart into a big puddle.
  • He has started signing for “Milk” and I think he’s starting to get the hang of “All Done” – proud mama over here.
  • Our cat Healey is his new best friend, much to her chagrin 😉
  • He went to his first concert: Crosby, Stills and Nash at the local Botanical Gardens, and promptly fell asleep two songs in!
  • We took him to his first wedding, where he was ogled and loved on by everyone and sneakily ate a ton of my food.
  • We went to the aquarium with our mommy friends and H loved petting the Manta Rays and was totally captivated watching the fish swim around.
  • He now giggles for just about everyone, whereas before Zach was really the only one who could get him to laugh.
  • He started clapping purposefully! Most of the time if I start saying “yaay” and clapping my hands, H will join along with a big grin!
  • My cousin moved into the dorms at the local college and we are so so so excited to have more family living here! H accompanied us to get pedicures and after giggling at the man doing Lainey’s toes, he promptly passed out until we were done.
  • He has officially completely outgrown his infant carseat and we are in the convertible Britax carseat full time. It’s amazing how much he looks like a big kid in there!

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August 18 – 24

August 25 – 31

September 1 – 7

September 8 – 14

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