Truthful Tuesdays


1. I am terrible at sleep training. I know it works really well for some people, but I just can’t right now. I sit there in tears if I have to listen to H cry, and it’s too stressful.
2. Teething + nursing = not a good combination. At all. It feels like there are electric currents running through my body when he bites me.
3. I may sometimes complain to my hubby that I have no “me” time anymore, hence the failed attempt at sleep training, but I secretly kind of love that H needs me so much and sleeps so much better and longer if I cuddle him.
4. I judge myself as a mom based on milestones that H hits, and when.
5. When he hits milestones later than other babies his age I feel like it’s something I’m doing wrong.
6. I’m pretty sure the reason H won’t roll is because I never put him down and am always holding him and I pick him up the second he starts fussing.
7. I’m averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a night while H averages 10 – how does that work?
8. I seriously hate the question “so what do you do all day?” when people find out I’m a stay home mom.
9. I’m craving an adventure.
10. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything right now, even with all the stressors and craziness.

My sweet, happy boy 💙


3 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesdays

  1. Such beautiful honesty! Don’t worry, it will get “better.” I mean you will actually sleep again! I am just exiting the baby stage and I can honestly say all your points were mine just a few months back. In fact, the milestone one, I still find myself struggling with!


    • Thank you Sasha! It’s so hard to not compare myself and my son to other moms and babies, but its something I’m working on. I actually went to bed last night at 9 after I put H down and slept until he woke up this morning so it was pretty great 🙂


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