July 4th Recap



Happy first Independence Day, sweet mister H!

We had quite the three day mini vacation weekend up at my parents cabin – lots of family time, sun, and relaxation.

H was a trooper and I can’t believe how well he did with the fireworks. We had a bit of a lapse in judgement and attempted to keep him up past his 6:30 bedtime so he could watch the fireworks, but he promptly reminded us that was a poor idea and was asleep by 7:15. Also, he’s definitely his father’s child as he slept through the entire fireworks show, even though it sounded like they were being set off right outside our house (I may have given him a fist bump the next morning).

I’m hoping that next year he’ll be able to stay up to watch the fireworks show, go swimming, picnic, and enjoy more of the parade. I have such fond memories of the 4th in DC when I was little and I can’t wait to start a few traditions with H!


You know he’s my son, so H rocked two outfits for the 4th. This one with his “Ahoy Ladies” tee and “Born in the USA” Freshly Picked moccs was definitely my fave. Also, how in the heck is my 5.5 month old wearing twelve to eighteen month clothing…?


Happy belated 4th from our family to yours! (Can you tell it was past H’s bedtime?)


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