Happy 5 Months



Height: about 28 inches
Weight: 20lbs 4.5oz
Head Circumference: about 46 centimeters
Wearing: 9-12 month clothing

This past month has flown by. Our “little” H is growing more of a personality each day, its incredible to watch. He is so interactive these days and loves dancing around to music with us all day long. I can tell that he is starting to become more independent as well – he doesn’t always want to cuddle while he’s awake and read like we used to, but rather lay on his own and grab at toys and try to shove everything in his mouth. I do still get my cuddle time for naps though, so I’m soaking it all in!

A few events from this past month:

  • I took H to the East coast with me on his first (two) plane ride(s) so he could get a chance to meet some of my family! Rather than fly back, however, we decided to prolong the torture and drive across the country from Virginia to Idaho. All joking aside, it was a great trip. We stopped at the first Rest Area after each state line to document the trip (minus Illinois) with selfies of my mom, H and I, and I can’t wait to get them all in an album. While on the trip we visited my grandparents, a few aunts and uncles, some family friends, my old high school principal and old neighbors. It was so fun to see everyone love on H and he very well may be one of the most well traveled babies this side of the hemisphere.
  • Naps without mom are still a struggle, but we’re getting amazing night time sleeps so I’m not pushing the issue. H averages 10-11 hours a night and I’m pretty sure we’re the luckiest parents on the planet for that.
  • He has become SO cuddly! Now that he has more control over his arms, H will just wrap his little arms around my shoulders and neck and put his head on my shoulder and nuzzle. I’m pretty sure my heart grows every time this happens.
  • While on our big trip back East, H ate some of his great grandpa’s famous kroppkakor and some bananas – he was a huge fan of both! We haven’t continued the journey of solids yet now that were home, however, so we’re back to strictly nursing.
  • All H wants to do is stand up (assisted of course)!
  • Tummy time is finally not a huge fail. We’re not lasting a very long time, but it’s getting easier!
  • H rolled from back to belly! Once it was during one of his naps (the only one during the trip I wasn’t there for of course), and another time it was during one of our outings with mommy friends where he was watching the older babes roll and move around. I can tell he’s so close, but he’s still just trying to figure out how to get his head to follow his lower half.
  • Hes also gotten really into sitting. Granted, most of the time he either falls to the side or face plants after folding over like a discarded lawn chair, but when he does sit for longer than five seconds he’s pretty happy about it.
  • He loves to blow raspberries and have whole conversations in spit bubbles – it’s adorable.
  • We’re getting lots of “mmmm” “Pfff” “aaaah” “oooh” noises. I could swear I’ve heard “mama”, but I know it was accidental and probably more me imagining it rather than an actual occurrence. He also has started making panting – monkey type “ooh ooh ooh oooh”  noises that are hilarious.
  • Along with the few consonants and vowel noises, H has decided that high pitched (I’m talking sonic level) screeches are his favorite way to communicate.
  • He is SO aware of his surroundings and is so interactive. He loves to grab my cheeks and pull my face close into his and give me a big smile – heart.melted.
  • Paper is probably his favorite toy right now – especially the sunday paper.
  • No teeth yet but he has all the signs: drooling Niagara Falls style, chewing on anything and everything, extra fussy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get one here soon.

May 16 – 24:

May 25 – 31:

June 1 – 7:

June 8 – 14:


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