Gillette® Venus® Snap with Embrace review


I was really excited when I heard I had been selected to be one of the product testers for this Gillette Venus Snap razor.
I have been on an air & road trip across the country for the past two and a half weeks so it was perfect timing. I had to make sure I brought everything I’d need for the hot and humid weather out East and be able to fit it all in one suitcase (since airlines are ridiculous now and charge you extra fees for wanting to not wear the same change of clothes wherever you’re going).
This Snap razor was perfect – I didn’t need soap or shaving cream, all I needed to do was throw the mini razor (and accompanying mini carrying case) in my toiletry bag and I was good to go.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m sometimes a cheapo when it comes to shopping for toiletries. I’m pretty low maintenance so I usually go for the store brand / off brand / whatever is on sale and cheap brand and sometimes it backfires.
This Venus razor was awesome and way outperformed the Up&Up target brand razor I was previously using.
Because the soap is built in, you get a very smooth run, and gave me an incredibly close shave. My knees are usually my trouble spot (and if I’m honest, a lot of times I just give up and skip over them – yikes!) but with the flexible head on this razor, it was much easier to navigate over them without sacrificing the quality of the shave. Another pro is that it comes with a little carrying case, which prevents the razor from ruining whatever bag it’s put in, while also keeping the blades from dulling.

The only negative I have encountered so far is that the razor is kind of awkward to hold because of the short handle. However, the handle is supposed to be short so that it’s a more convenient size and can slip into any bag, so it’s kind of a give and take. They did try to combat the awkward hold with a grippy area so the handle at least won’t slip out of your grip, which is great.

Overall, this is a great razor! I’m definitely going to be switching to Venus in general, but now I also have an option for the many trips we have planned for the rest of the year. The Gillette Venus Snap razor not only does what it claims to do, leaving you with a silky smooth finish, but it also gives you a super cute product that you won’t be embarrassed to tote around.

The necessities for mama & babe.

Disclaimer: I received this product for testing purposes, complimentary from Influenster.
If you’d like an invite to join the Influenster program, let me know!


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