Instagram shopping ft: Marlee Ro, Freshly Picked, Opposite of Far, The Wishing Elephant, Rayna Jaye & Porter Baby Slings

So I know Instagram is great for sharing artsy pictures of your lunch and everything (no judgement, I’m guilty of it too)… but my favorite part about the community is the shopping! I have found so many wonderful shops with tons of goodies and when I found out I was pregnant, I went a little crazy searching the feeds for awesome kids clothes.

I. Struck. Gold.
Seriously though.
Stay far, far away from the shopping aspect of Instagram if you don’t want to spend all of your monies on cute things for your little (or yourself)…

Welcome to my awesome mail day:


How did I luck out with these goodies? I’m also kind of obsessed with entering giveaways on there (sorry I’m not sorry), and was lucky enough to win one hosted by @Marleero. Her son was turning two and to celebrate she hosted a fun giveaway which included Little Hip Squeaks, The Wishing Elephant, Freshly Picked and herself. I also picked up a Ring Sling from Porter Baby Slings, because I’m a baby wearing addict, and a beautiful new “Festival of Brights” turban from my favorite hair accessory maker RaynaJaye. Andplusalso, can you tell I have a thing for Olive green? #Guilty.

The Marlee Ro ((Instagram // Website)) scarves are so cute! I’ve been wanting to make some for H but, well, it didn’t happen because I still can’t get my act together, so I was super excited to try these out. Not only do they make him look even more handsome, but they are awesome for helping to catch all the drool. Eventhough they are intended for babes a little older, his noggin is so huge that they fit him perfectly! It might be creeping into summer, but this batman and camo scarf are lightweight enough that they will be great for summer nights and they’ll still fit him when it does cool down this fall and winter! She is having a big Memorial Day sale – go check out her Instagram for details!


If you don’t know who or what Freshly Picked ((Instagram // Website)) is, then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. They’ve been spotted on celeb babes and they quite literally have a cult following – all for good reason. I never quite understood the hullabaloo was about, until now. When i opened the package and saw these camo moccasins, I squealed a little. They are a suede leather and so incredibly soft, even on the inside. They’re a little big for H’s feet right now, but I foresee him wearing them almost daily when he gets older!


I first discovered Opposite of Far ((Instagram // Website)) last year on Tori Spelling’s favorite things piece on Cupcake Mag. Their masks are made by hand by the creator and owner of Opposite of Far, and are made with “Green” and organic materials, which makes this granola’s heart extra happy! They have almost any animal you could think of on their website and have 3 different options for a Mask of the Month (my favorite is probably the woodland collection) club that I am thinking of getting H for his birthday. Sparking imaginary play in kids is so important and that is exactly what Opposite of Far accomplishes with their masks and accessories.


You know how all the cool kids in high school wore letterman jackets? Well, the Wishing Elephant ((Instagram // Website)) has brought that to the kiddos. I love that you can customize the color of the initial on the cardigan, and it’s surprisingly versatile! The cardigan itself is surprisingly soft and lightweight enough to layer all year long. It looks adorable with every single piece of clothing I’ve put on H so far, and makes him look ridiculously cool. A little birdy also told me they are having a HUGE sale, and I mean HUGE, today from 12pm – 1pm. Cardigans will be 50% off and everything else on their website will be insanely discounted. So set your alarms and get ready, because I doubt their stock will last the whole hour! Check out their Instagram for more details!


My bad hair day / post partum hair loss covering secret? Rayna Jaye ((Instagram // Website)) turbans. I’m obsessed. I only have a small collection of four turbans so far, but they are my very very favorite of all the turbans I have bought so far! She has the best eye for fabrics, and hers are the only turbans so far that don’t make my head hurt after wearing them for longer than an hour! I legitimately wear them everywhere – to the gym, lunch, grocery shopping, and hanging out at home with H. Postpartum hair loss is no joke, and these beauties help keep my crazy tendrils out of my face and out of H’s grasp. Not only is she super talented, but she’s gorgeous and incredibly generous. So generous, in fact, that she hosts weekly #RJTurbanTuesday giveaways, where she teams up with other shops to help expose their work, increase their customer base, and brighten up a lucky lady’s day. This week is the last giveaway until July, so hurry over and check out her Instagram and Etsy!


If you’ve been following my Instagram, you know I’m a big supporter of attachment parenting and all things granola in regards to raising kids. I discovered Porter Baby Slings ((Instagram // Website)) when I was looking at options other than my Solly, Ergo, and Moby. I wanted something affordable, lightweight and breathable for the hot Idaho summers, and something that I could easily nurse in – enter Porter Baby Slings. There are 13 different linen colors and 2 different ring options, so you can get exactly what you want, which is great for picky mamas like myself 🙂 You can also add a pocket onto your RS to store keys, extra diapers and wipes, etc, and she’s added an option to rent one of her slings if you’re unsure. I’ve only had the chance to use my Porter Baby sling twice, once while on a walk to the park and once on a trip to target, but both times H has passed out within minutes of being put in. One of my favorite things about the sling is how easy it is to put on – there are no ties or buckles to worry about, just slip your baby inside, tuck some fabric under and between their legs to ensure they are in snugly, and tighten! I’ve been youtubing RS videos like crazy to perfect my carrying, and I foresee many trips to the farmers market this summer with H in his Porter Baby!


Now go forth and order some of these goodies for yourself while I try to finish packing for our trip East!
Why did I think traveling by myself with a 4 month old was a good idea again?

What are some of your favorite shops you’ve discovered via Instagram?



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