*belated* Truthful Tuesday

Last night I was so exhausted I fell asleep after putting H to bed. By the time my husband came in to check on me at 7:30, I was conked out. I think all these nights of only getting two to four hours of sleep finally caught up with me, and I’m feeling much more recharged. I ended up getting 10 straight hours of peaceful slumber, thanks to a super awesome baby who decided to have a full nights rest as well!

Because I’ve been staying up so late, I’ve been jotting down tons of random thoughts, such as:

– Being a stay at home mom is way harder than I anticipated. Like way, way harder.
– I hate drinking out of cups without straws. Is that weird? Something about drinking straight from the cup rim totally freaks me out. Plus, I can totally drink way faster through a straw (water, of course…).
– Some days H and I stay in our Jammie’s until noon.
– Ok, most days we stay in our Jammie’s until noon.
– Sometimes I’m jealous that my husband gets to go to work and escape for a little. (That ones hard to admit)
– I am embarrassed that H is now 4 months old and I’m still not at my pre-pregnancy weight.
– I’m seriously contemplating getting the “Mom Chop”.

So there you have it: a handful of confessions from a sleep deprived (self-inflicted) mama at 1:30 am. And because no post is complete without pictures here are a few of H for you to ogle over:





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