H is 4 months

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. A third of our first year as parents has officially passed. We are now out of the fourth trimester and no longer have a newborn!


Height: 27.5 inches (100th percentile)
Weight: 18lbs 6oz (95th percentile)
Head Circumference: 45 centimeters (100th percentile)
Clothing: 6-12 months
Hats: 9 – 12 months

We took H for his 4 month wellness visit today, and our doctor only had good things to say. He laughed at me a little when I expressed my concern over how much H has been spitting up the last few days and basically told me to look at all H’s rolls – he’s fine. We were told to start rice cereal in about a month and then stage 1 solids (avocado, banana, etc) a few weeks after that. He also told us that H is likely to be at least 30 pounds by his first birthday – holy heck… 30 pounds?! I know toddlers that don’t weigh that much! It’s official – Harrison is a tank. We knew that already, but today’s visit just confirmed the fact. He’s off the charts in both height and head circumstance and at the very top for weight!

Some milestones that have happened this last month:

  • He found his thumb! Where he used to just stick his whole fist in his mouth (which he still does as well), now at night he can pop that sucker in his mouth and self soothe!
  • He outgrew the huge bassinet that Zach’s grandfather built so we had to finally put him in his crib. He had been waking up at night from hitting the sides of the bassinet but now that he’s in the crib he can sleep spread eagle again and we’re back to getting 8-10 hour stretches of sleep.
  • We stopped swaddling him.
  • He is giggling! Not so much for me as for Zach, but the giggles are there! I wonder if I just get boring after spending all day every day together? I swear I make the most ridiculous noises and faces and he’ll smile really big, but I rarely get a good bout of giggles. Zach on the other hand will come home from work and start talking to H in a crazy voice and H goes nuts!
  • H is talking up a storm! He now doesn’t just “coo”, but has so many inflections when he talks it’s amazing. He has also started growling (which is adorable), and screeching and making some crazy loud noises. He is so loud in the mornings, in fact, that he has woken up my dad who’s upstairs!
  • He’s a grabber. His favorite thing to do right now while he nurses is to grab my nose. Little weirdo. He can also hold his little teething rings pretty well with his fingers, but were still working on his thumb control.
  • He puts all the things in his mouth – sheets, blankets, charging cords, breast pump tubing, paper, bibs, clothes, everything!
  • He has become a drool machine! Thank goodness for our Sophie the giraffe so he has something to chew on, because when he’s not sleeping all he wants to do is chew and eat!
  • We went to the car wash for the first time! H sat wide eyed the whole five minutes, so I’m not sure how he felt about it, but he didn’t cry so I’m calling it good.
  • We are full on cloth diapering now! We still use “sposies” at night because I haven’t found a good combination to keep him dry with CDs yet, but I just ordered a few Kawaii Good Night Heavy Wetters that should be here tomorrow so we can see if those work for us. So far, I am loving it! No more blowouts – hallelujah!! Zach isn’t a fan of washing them, but I don’t mind it at all. The only downside to CDing is the fact that they are so freaking cute it’s hard to stop buying more!
  • As a family, we’ve implemented “Wireless Wednesday” and “Screen Free Saturday / Sunday” so we can step away from the phones and enjoy more time together (that means if you text, Facebook, instagram, tweet, etc us on those days we won’t reply because we’re busy being awesome :)).

We still don’t have any rolling over, but our doc said that with babies H’s size, that’s pretty normal. Not only does he have 18 and a half pounds of body to move, but he has a huge head so it might take him a little while longer. I’m trying to not compare him to other babies who are rolling and doing tons of tummy time, but it’s hard! He is a little better about tummy time now, and we can usually at least get about 15 minutes total in on his mat throughout the day.

He is still eating all day every day, but with how much he sleeps at night I’ve been pumping and building up quite a stash. Enough of one, actually, that I’ve started donating breast milk to mamas in need in the Boise area. The first time was much harder and more emotional than I thought it would be – I was pretty sad afterwards. I know it’s going to someone in need and “breast is best”, and I have more than enough, but giving it up is hard! Theres a very emotional aspect to breast feeding and pumping. You’re nourishing your child with food you’re creating, and sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it hurts, but there’s an amazing connection I have with H when he nurses. Lately, he wants to look straight in my eyes and touch my face while he nurses and it is so heart warming. I am incredibly fortunate that we have had a relatively easy breast feeding journey, so it helps to remind myself that I’m giving another mama that connection when I give her my milk.

I feel so lucky that I get to stay home with H everyday. I know I’ve said it a million times, but I swear he changes so much every single day! I’m reminded every week at my mommy group how big he’s getting and how much he’s grown and it makes me so happy I’m here to see it all, and I’m doing my best to soak it all in as much as possible.

April 16 – April 30:

May 1 – May 14:


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