12 weeks and counting!


This sweet boy is the light of my life! So much has been going on in our little family’s life lately, that I hardly feel as though I have time to document and jot everything down. I love watching H play, and watching the little wheels turn inside his brain. I wish I could see life from his perspective sometimes, maybe then I would understand his fascination with fans and lights, and I’d love to know what he sees when he looks at his daddy and myself.

He is really starting to reach for things, and while he’s still working on perfecting the action of opening and closing his fists, he has managed to grasp onto his play mat rings! He also is still talking up a storm, and is starting to have more inflection to his coos. He still hates tummy time with a passion, but is getting better about not crying the second we put him on his belly. Now, he’ll usually wriggle his legs around a little and try to push his arms up for a minute before he gets upset 🙂 . His fist is super captivating, and he has been sucking on his whole hand lately. He is still trying to manage to fit just his thumb in his mouth, but (as you can kind of see in his 12 week picture above) he keeps getting it stuck behind his pointer finger. It’s actually pretty cute, because it always looks like he’s trying to steal your nose ;). Daytime napping is still a little rough, but we’re still figuring things out, and if I put him in my Solly Wrap or the Ergo, he’ll pass right out. We also transitioned him into his nursery last week, and it’s the best thing we’ve ever done for his sleep: he’s now giving us between 8-11 hours of sleep straight at night! I don’t know what we’ve done to deserve such a good sleeper, but we are very thankful! Ironically enough, now that he’s sleeping in his own room and for longer periods of time, I seem to be sleeping less – boo.

We have officially started cloth diapering as of Monday, and I’m really excited about it! We have  few different brands and styles so we can test them all out, and I’m still learning a lot about the differences, how to wash, etc, but so far it’s been a pretty easy switch! Not to mention, H looks ridiculously adorable in his little fluffy diaps.

I’ve gotten really serious about working out and getting healthy this week, and have started making weekly and daily goals for myself. Mainly, I’m starting my morning with a green smoothie every day, going out for walks with H as much as possible, and Z and I are having “gym dates” to motivate each other! It’s crazy to think how we used to run 3-5 miles several times a week and now my body feels awkward running half a mile. Getting back to where I was isn’t going to be easy, and I’m trying to remind myself that I wasn’t allowed to workout for 6 months, but I’m not a  very patient person, so I foresee a long road ahead. It’s also really hard to leave H still, so daily neighborhood walks are more apt to happen than going to the gym.


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