11 weeks


Height: 25 inches long
Weight: about 16 pounds (Mister chunk!)

This has been such a fun past week! My mom and I took H with us on a road trip to visit our family in Washington in order to introduce him to everyone. Twice a year, some of the women from my paternal side of the family get together for a weekend full of crafting, cooking and catching up and this past weekend was one of those times. The last time I saw any of the Girl’s Weekend ladies was at my baby shower when I was 30 weeks pregnant (about 4.5 months ago), and only a few of them have gotten to meet baby H so far. We took the long way and stopped at a few places on our drive so we could get out and stretch our legs (and I can never resist a photo op!), so the drive took a little longer than normal, but H was amazing and slept and babbled most of the way.

Photos from the drive:

He is “talking” and smiling up a storm lately! My heart is so full when he talks back to me and smiles and moves his crazy arms around. All the ladies up at the weekend were very impressed with how laid back and smiley he was. It was our first real trip away from Zach, so thank goodness for our iPhones! H and I were able to FaceTime with Z every morning and every night so he wouldn’t miss us too much ;).

The best part about GW, hands down was the surprise quilt blocks that all the ladies made for a baby quilt for H! You may remember they did the same thing for Z and I before we got married, and the resulting quilt goes with us everywhere, so I am so, so very excited to pick a few fabrics for the sashing between the blocks, border, and backing and put it all together! H is so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people who love him (and his parents) so very much (and who we love right back!). We also got to go visit the family I used to nanny for while we were living in Spokane. Holy cow, their son has grown up so much in the 5 months since I was here last! He doesn’t look like this little infant anymore, he is walking and playing and has shot up like a weed, like a big kid! Although he was understandably a little shy, I did get to hear him talk and my goodness, he has such a sweet little voice, and he walked under my legs when I offered him a bridge to go through and was throwing one of his balls my way :). I know he may not remember me fully, but he seemed like he may have known I wasn’t a total stranger, so I’m chalking it up as a win! It was wonderful to see them and give quick hugs and catch up on each other’s lives. I am still so grateful for the time I spent with the D family and I learned so much there in that year that I am able to now use as a new mommy!

Along with Girl’s Weekend, there were many trips to Target, walks outside, and another quick trip to snowy McCall. I use the Solly Baby Wrap to carry H in all the time, but I finally bit the bullet this weekend and purchased an Ergo at Target to use for hiking this summer and beyond. (Target has a super awesome deal on the Ergobaby carriers that I learned about from Raining Hot Coupons here)


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