H is 10 weeks!

IMG_5675((Shirt: Little Adi Co // Leggings: Sly Fox Threads // Moccasins: Three Lil Bears Closet))

Two and a half months have passed since we brought home our little dude. I know I’m sounding like a broken record here, but holy cow, time is flying by.

We are currently deep in the midst of the Mental leap 2 – Wonder Week 8: The world of patterns, and it’s a doozy. I had no idea what was going on with our normally super chill baby, until one of my mommy friends told me about The Wonder Weeks website and corresponding book and app. While it is so much fun to watch him discover his hands and giggle at the shadows on the walls, he has wanted to nurse constantly, very much dislikes being put down and wants to be held (especially for naps), and is crying more often. Even with the extra neediness, I am still amazed at how easy it is to calm him down: all it takes is a little rocking or swaying, nursing, or music and he is instantly better and stops crying. The Wonder Weeks go by gestational age, (and is therefore calculated by due date, not birthdate), so since H arrived a week early he is considered 9 weeks with about 4 more days to go until the leap is over. If you are pregnant, have a newborn or an infant, knowing about these mental leaps and what to expect is such a lifesaver!

A little recap on weeks 8-10:

-H is holding his head up so well! He loves standing when Z and I hold his hands, and I swear he dances when I put music on and help him stand (let’s hope he gets my sense of rhythm, and not his dad’s dance moves ;)). He turns towards my voice when I talk, and smiles when I call him my “sweet boy” (which I totally plan on telling his future girlfriends, you’re welcome 18 year old H).

-We took H to the golf course and played 9 holes with my parents. The weather was perfect to spend a day outside, and not surprisingly, H slept the entire time.

-We’re still trying to go on walks as much as possible now that the weather has gotten better, not to mention if H is fussy at all, or having troubles going down for a nap, all I have to do is throw him in the car seat (figuratively of course), snap him into the stroller and start moving. He’s a pretty predictable dude, and walking around the neighborhood not only gets me out of the house and exercising, but it also puts him right to sleep!

-He is coo-ing up a storm! He loves talking to everything – his reflection in the mirror, mama in the mornings, his animal toys, daddy when he gets home from work. Mom truth: I totally cried a few days ago when H and I had a full on conversation. He would babble, I would respond, he would smile and babble back – it went on like that for a few minutes and I was just so happy and so amazed, I couldn’t help myself.

-I left H for the first time since we brought him home from the hospital. It was hard, and I thought about him for the entire time I was at the gym, but I did it. I don’t know why it was so difficult: he was with Zach, they had plenty of milk in case he got hungry, he was in a good mood and didn’t cry when I left, but it was. All I could think about was how I felt kind of selfish and vain for taking time away to work on bettering myself. I’m trying to remind myself that H needs a fit momma so she can run around after him all day, and that a fit momma is a happy momma, but so far that hasn’t been helping.


-H has started going to the chiropractor! I swear I’m not a super crunchy mom, but he has this huge noggin (hello 100th percentile), and a preference to lay his head on his left side so I want to make sure his neck and bones all develop and grow as they are supposed to. Plus, since we started going he’s been sleeping 7+ hours, so whatever works!

-H had an insanely huge blowout (TMI? Sorry!) in the Whole Foods parking lot. Now I understand why you’re supposed to bring an extra outfit with you in your diaper bag. Thank goodness I had a spare one in the trunk of my car and a new bag of wipes, of which I had to use about half of them to clean him up – literally up to his neck in s*!t… so gross.

-We went to my parents cabin in Mccall (which is coincidentally where Zach and I officially started dating) and walked H all around town.

-We celebrated my mom’s (H’s Grammy) birthday!

-H has set a new bedtime for himself! Where we used to start the routine at about 9 and he’d be asleep by 10:30, he now gets super tired around 7, and is in bed by 8:30.

-H is still a super happy and smiley guy. Every day I feel so blessed to have this sweet little boy as my own!


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