Newborn Photo Shoot w// Laken Fulton

Two months ago, the wonderful Laken, of Laken Fulton Photography, had us over to her studio to take pictures of our sweet little boy. Scheduling was a little crazy, as he came a week earlier than anticipated and we thought we had a little more time (slash I’m infamous for procrastinating and was still trying to convince Zach to do a newborn shoot). We just squeezed in though, at 10 days new, so he was still pretty furry and sleepy. I probably look at these pictures daily, and still can’t believe he was ever that small. At 9 weeks, its pretty cool to see how much he has grown and changed, and how huge has has gotten!

Harrison was amazing and slept during the entire 3.5 hours we were there! He let Laken put him in whatever positions she wanted, was asleep 99% of the time and only fussed twice (which nursing cured immediately!). We got so many great shots of our little man and of the three of us. I know that I probably won’t be in another picture with my two dudes for a while, seeing as how I’m the main picture taker of the family, so these should help tide me over for a while.

Once again, we brought with us a few personal items: the Mid-Century Modern baby quilt my mother made for us a week after we told her I was pregnant (which we also used in our Maternity Shoot), and my favorite VonBon Gray Antler knotted baby hat. We had a few of our favorites blown up and professionally printed through Laken and I can’t wait to finish our bedroom to show off how beautiful they look on our walls! I am a firm believer in documenting life. To me, it’s an investment, as I look at the pictures we have had taken of our family all the time. I used to try to go the cheapest route for photo shoots, but regret it as soon as we get the pictures back – in my experience, there is a reason photographers charge what they do, they are a home run business, and their work expands far beyond clicking a button on a camera and putting the pictures on a disk. The pictures we have had taken to document my pregnancy have been wonderful, and it’s because I did my research and found three great photographers, Natalie (in Washington), Victoria and Laken.

If you’re in the Boise area and looking for a newborn or baby photographer, check her out!
Laken Fulton Photography: Facebook // Website

Without further ado, please drool over our adorably sweet Harrison:


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