H is 8 weeks old!


My sweet boy is almost two months old, what the heck?!
Is life moving too slowly for you? Here’s the solution – have a baby. Seriously.
Each week as he becomes more alert and interactive, I keep thinking “ooh! I like this week even more than the last!” And it’s still true; he is more adorable and lovable every day. Annoying mom moment: I always find myself staring at him, wondering how we got so lucky to have such a beautiful and (for the most part) easy baby boy.

We discovered a new cry this past week, and it’s the worst one yet: the ear infection cry! Let me tell you, watching real tears come out of his big blue eyes has got to be the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with yet. It’s not fair for someone so little and pure to be in pain and not be able to tell me what is happening to him. I can’t wait to start introducing sign language so H will have a means of communicating his needs and feelings with us as he grows older.

Guess who was actually productive this week?! I got dressed EVERY DAY. What? Yeah, this one here. I’m trying this new thing out where I actually act like a real human – a productive member of society, even. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, and jeans are way less comfy to cuddle in, but I’ll give it a little longer and let you know.

We’ve had a few beautiful days finally, and taking a walk in our Britax stroller instantly calms H whenever he gets worked up. The only good thing about daylight savings and it being lighter outside later is that when Z gets home from work, we have enough daylight still to go out as a family.

Because of H and I being sick as dogs, this last week has been relatively uneventful. However, he has been extra cuddly and I’m all about soaking it in before he’s too embarrassed to be seen with me in front of his friends.
He has his two month well-visit on Friday, which means vaccinations, meaning shots, meaning I’ll probably be that mom who will cry more than the baby getting the shots. Don’t worry, I’m packing tissues in the diaper bag.


One thought on “H is 8 weeks old!

  1. “I’m trying this new thing out where I actually act like a real human”

    Hahaha. I love this. It’s hard enough for me…and I don’t have the excuse of just pushing out a tiny human! Good work Mama 🙂 Glad little H is feeling better!


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